In order to keep your guest coming back to your hotel, you need to maintain few standards for ideal housekeeping. So, your housekeeping department and attendants have to follow a series of cleaning procedures before releasing your room to guests.

If you apply a systematic approach to your place, it will save your time, money, and energy. Moreover, it also increases the satisfaction level of guests and improves your business online presence.

The hygiene atmosphere should not be only for new guests, it is also for the staff members who really work hard to increase their efficiency. If you ask about the sequence of housekeeping, then it consists of preparation, actual cleaning and ultimate check.

In this article, you will learn about some standards of ideal housekeeping that every hotel should follow.

Follow Few Quality Standards of Ideal Housekeeping Service

♦ Freshness

First step is to keep all the areas clean. However, there are several essential parts that should be included in the to do list daily. Closet, cabinets, storage areas, fixtures, window glasses should be dust free. Keep your floor vacuumed, polish the surface when it is necessary.

♦ Orderliness

Your fixture and chairs should be located properly and clean. Your linen should be clean and folded appropriately. Keep your beds made up for guests, make sure the linen are clean and wrinkle free.

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♦ Sanitation

It is important to dispose of the garbage at the proper time. Keep the area protected from pest infestation. Nowadays, visitors are not ready to stay in the hotels, where sanitization is not considered as a necessary step.

♦ Comfort

Visitors are more pleased if they find the atmosphere lighten and properly ventilated. Confirm that there is minimal distraction and you provide sufficient amenities to your guests. Because, comfort of the place asks visitors to visit again.

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