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Your Locally Owned & Operated Janitorial Services in San Diego CA

LCS Janitorial Services is a well-known name for janitorial services in San Diego CA. With years of experience and many satisfied customers, we’ve got the top position in the cleaning industry. We have been catering to our client base, which hails from the residential and commercial sectors.

We offer professional bank and office building cleaning, healthcare facility cleaning, move in and move out cleaning, post-renovation cleaning, gym and school cleaning, shopping center cleaning; and much more. We offer services on a daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis and serve according to your requirements and budget.

Our skills and experience in the field have made us able to meet the expectations of our clients every single time. We work hard to provide the best cleaning experience for our customers.

Industries We Serve

→ Banks/ Office Building Cleaning
→ Healthcare Facility & Medical Office Cleaning
→ Gym/ School Cleaning
→ Shopping Center Cleaning
→ Hotel Attendant Services

Why Us?

Our Excellent Janitorial Services in San Diego CA

During the past few years, we’ve grown exponentially and have become a leading cleaning company in San Diego. Our clients range from both the residential and commercial sectors. We also provide specialized cleaning services like hospital or school cleaning. Our track record shows how far we’ve grown in terms of serving clients with the best quality services.

Invest In People

We believe that investing in people is the way to grow. For better performance, we let our cleaners take charge of every cleaning project.

Credible, Liable, and Reliable

We follow the state rules & have the license to conduct our services in San Diego. We bond all our cleaning staff. We are bonded to protect our clients in every way.

Environmentally Sustainable Brand

Being a top-rated janitorial cleaning company, we have always known the impact LCS Janitorial Services has on the environment.

Committed To Clients

Being committed is a core value that LCS Janitorial Services practices. After our operations, we personally deliver our 100% to each client in a spotless environment.

Why Choose LCS Janitorial Services in San Diego CA?

LCS Janitorial Services is a leader in the cleaning industry that has made a mark with its expertise. We believe in providing liberty to our professionals, which brings enthusiasm to them when cleaning your space well. They are glad to take ownership of each project and work responsibly to deliver their best, which aligns with our company values.

We hold all the required licenses and insurance policies that make us credible, liable for any error, and reliable to the people. We maintain the highest quality of cleaning standards while we clean. We believe in being committed to all our clients when it comes to the quality of work.

The advanced cleaning methods and equipment allow our professionals to perform the cleaning operations more effectively and with minimum time. Our products and equipment are environment friendly, which we take as a moral responsibility.

We understand and consider the customer’s point of view at every step. And that’s what makes us an outstanding professional cleaning company in San Diego CA.

The Impact of Our Janitorial Services: Our Environment and Sustainability Policy

Our cleaning company is a big believer in environmental sustainability. We understand our environment is not in its best state because of increasing human activities. We agree that we must work to preserve the environment at all levels.

As a result, we ensure that the cleaning supplies we use do not affect the environment or the health of the occupants. We have lowered our carbon footprint and developed guidelines for our staff to adopt environmental work practices.


Janitorial Services San Diego-Wide
Operating From a Local Level

We are proud to serve locally based companies in every sector, irrespective of their size. The fact that every company approaches our cleaning services proves our efficiency and reliability as a professional janitorial cleaning service provider. Our team of certified cleaners aims to deliver above the client’s expectations and blow them away with our work.

We Believe In Investing In People And Growing With Them

We believe that investing in people is the best way to grow bigger and better. That’s why we treat our staff as our greatest assets. For their benefit and performance, we let our cleaners take charge of every cleaning venture. But to reach this level of confidence, our cleaners undergo intensive training sessions.

This ensures that our staff can deliver the quality of service that our clients expect, if not better. We take the health and safety of our clients as well as our staff very seriously. That’s why we prepare a “Risk Site Assessment” report for every project we undertake. Moreover, our cleaners follow all health and safety standards in order to complete the work properly.

Spotless and Dust-Free in Minutes

5 Stra Rating cleaning Company San Diego

5-Star Rated Cleaning Services

Green Cleaning San Diego

Eco-Friendly & Certified Solutions

Guaranted cleaning Services San Diego

Guaranteed Services

5-star rating

Our Clients Say it Best

“Professional, responsible, and friendly. Focusing on details to make everything perfect. Always give out a good price. I really appreciate you guys’ hard-working, Joel and Louis. I highly recommend you guys to my friends for sure. Thank you!”

Jovie Li

Google Reviews

“Great service! I was able to get an appointment on a weekend, and they were very helpful. Joel and his team cleaned the carpets was cheery and friendly and did a really good job and also offered good tips on how to maintain the carpets! Thank you very much!”

Bhnc system

Google Reviews

“This was the first but definitely not the last time I will be using their service. LCS provides their deep cleaning service and our home looks brand new. The team was extremely dedicated and detail-oriented.”

Ben G.

Yelp reviews

“This company is the best in San Diego, I try to call them every three months because my kiddo is a mess all-time in my carpet, and Leal Carpet Cleaning takes care of it. Joel is too friendly and he knows how to do the best job to be satisfied.”

Jesus A.

Yelp reviews


Our Cleaning Results

Carpet Cleaning Services San Diego
Tiles and Grout Cleaning San Diego CA
Hotel Room Attendant
Carpet Cleaning Services San Diego CA
Health Care Facility And Medical Office Cleaning
Upholstery Cleaning San Diego CA

LCS Janitorial Services: Your Path To A Better Life

LCS Janitorial Services provides a customized cleaning schedule to meet the precise needs of your home or business in San Diego. Trained and efficient experts are ready to meet and exceed top-notch service expectations at rates that will not exceed your budget.
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