Post Renovation Cleaning Services San Diego CA

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Post Renovation Cleaning Services San Diego CA

Cleaning up a post-construction mess is more difficult than you think. A construction site contains a lot of material which few need to be handled and disposed of carefully. Plus, if you’re short on time, LCS Janitorial Services, a post-renovation cleanup service in San Diego, is what you need. They remove all the debris from the site and make your home livable.

Below there are details about our post renovation cleaning services. Feel free to call us and get free quote:


We Don’t Just Clean The Site; We Transform It!

LCS Janitorial Service cleaners are friendly, skilled, and well-trained, and they use top-of-the-line cleaning equipment. Additionally, we realize the need for green cleaning solutions for effective and safe cleaning. Our cleaners see that none of our cleaning products or equipment harm the new construction. Grab San Diego’s leading post renovation or construction services, LCS Janitorial Services, to help your home shine.


Our Post Construction Cleaning Services Include, But Are Not Limited To:

  • Cleaning all the surfaces of the site with a green cleaning solution that won’t cause any damage to the paint.
  • Removal of paint tapes and construction material.
  • Proper disposal of construction material as per their type.
  • Removing dust from the ceiling fixtures, door handles, switchboards, lights, and fans.
  • Complete bathroom post renovation clean-up.
  • Air duct and vent cleaning.
  • Thorough removal of paint spot and spill.
  • Window and door cleaning.
  • Complete kitchen cleaning.
  • Carpet vacuuming and cleaning.
  • Customized services according to your needs.


Precise And Specialized  Post Construction Cleaning

The moment LCS Janitorial Services cleaner enters your premises, we conduct a thorough analysis of the site. Once done, we note down the key points and start the site clearing and cleaning process. Our detailed post renovation cleaning allows us to clean places that are often overlooked. For example, air ducts and vents, chimneys, window trims, sidings, baseboards, light fixtures, etc. By cleaning all these minute places, we deliver you a refined and clean home to start your life afresh.


Our 5-Star Reviews

5 Star Rating

“Great service! I was able to get an appointment on a weekend, and they were very helpful. Joel and his team cleaned the carpets was cheery and friendly and did a really good job and also offered good tips on how to maintain the carpets! Thank you very much!”

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