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Professional Tiles And Grout Cleaning Services In San Diego CA

LCS Janitorial Services provides tile and grout cleaning, grout sealing, and grout coloring services to businesses in San Diego. Everyday foot traffic, spills and use of improper cleaning products will ultimately result in undesirable looking grout, thus detracting from the look of your entire tile floor.

Below there are details about our tile and grout cleaning services. Feel free to call us and get free quote:


The Best Tiles and Grout Cleaning Services

The most attractive tiles will lose their overall appeal if surrounded by dirty or stained grout. Grout is a very porous material made up of cement and sand. Because grout is porous, dirt, liquid, and bacteria can penetrate deep into the grout lines causing stains, discoloration, and odor. Trying to remove the stains and discoloration is next to impossible.

Our portfolio contains a varied mix of clients – from large all over the county companies to small-medium enterprises.

Tile & Grout Cleaning Services


Our Tile & Grout Cleaning Services Includes:

  • Commercial Tile and Grout Cleaning
  • Ceramic Tile – Routine Cleaning
  • Ceramic Tile – Restorative Cleaning
  • High Pressure Cleaning
  • Porcelain Tile Floor Cleaning
  • Restorative Cleaning- Unpolished,
  • Polished, Glazed and Textured Porcelain Tile Floors
  • Quarry Tile Cleaning
  • Grout Cleaning
  • Sealing Grout Lines
  • Restaurant Tile and Grout Cleaning


We Have Designed A Simple 5-step Process To Cure Your Dirty And Damaged Tile And Grout

1. Determine Type Of Tile
The first thing we do is determine what type of hard surface we are cleaning. This is important because we need to choose the proper cleaning solution, proper ph levels, and proper cleaning protocol.
An alkaline-based cleaning solution is sprayed all over the tile floor. The cleaning solution rests on the floor for at least 20 minutes. This helps to loosen the hold of the soil, grease, debris, dirt, and other bad residues.
The special cleaning brushes help to shake the dirt stuck in the grout lines. It also stirs up the contaminants trapped inside the tiles. The tile edges and baseboard are also cleaned simultaneously.
After the flooring absorbs the cleaning solution, rinse them properly using pressure-heated water. Next, using a high-pressure vacuum, suck the water along with cleaning solutions and all the filth out of the tile and grout.
Remove all the water left on the floor from it. Now, using industry-standard fans dry the tile and grout lines. Lastly, inspect the tile flooring for any left-out stains or spots. Clean, if found any.


Expert Tiles Cleaners In San Diego CA

We could provide you with a price list on all your supplies and then replenish those supplies as necessary. No need for you to place orders or pick up supplies from other vendors. We can handle it all for you. No need for you to use your time when we can manage your restroom supplies and trash can liners to save time and money.


Our 5-Star Reviews

5 Star Rating

“Amazing experience using LCS to do our warehouse floors… they did strip and wax making the place looking brand new!
Really appreciate the effort to go the extra mile to make it look that good. Thank you, Jose and team.”


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