Things To Include In Your Commercial Gym Cleaning Checklist

May 13, 2022

Things To Include In Your Commercial Gym Cleaning Checklist

To make your fitness center a healthy workout area that can energize the gym members, cleaning is essential. If you wish your members to stay loyal and happy, then you need to keep the gym areas clean and sanitized. So, instead of thinking about “how do I clean my gym?” know the top things to include in your commercial gym cleaning checklist.

Essential Things For Commercial Gym Cleaning Checklist

  • Dust mop the floor mats and fixtures to create a welcoming entrance for your gym members.
  • Sparkle the windows, clean the gym doors, do polish all the fixtures once a week.
  • Do clean the wall mirrors and the cleaning equipment properly.
  • Keep sanitizing the workout area to give safety to your members.
  • Also, the gym mats attract a lot of dirt and sweat. So, clean it daily through a vacuum cleaner.
  • Sweep out the exercise areas and mop them daily to keep hygiene in the gym.
  • Protect the carpets and flooring of your gym from tripping hazards. Daily sweep and vacuum these areas.
  • Empty the trash every day, clear the floors, and sanitize gym benches and locker doors.
  • Maintain cleanliness of shower walls, floors, curtains, and fixtures. Because these wet places can attract mold easily.
  • Check the grout areas between the tiles and clean them properly.
  • Disinfect the bathroom areas daily and clear the sinks.
  • Keep your office areas clean thoroughly as many people come and go out there. So sanitize these areas often.
  • Clean all the touchpoints like equipment controls, screens, drinking fountains, swipe pads, etc; to keep them germ-free.

How Professionals Provide Extra Cleaning Facilities?

  • Clean the carpets and hardwood flooring with proper tools and methods.
  • Remove dust and stains from your furniture upholstery with proper care to its fabric.
  • Do clean the tile and grout of the gym floors and seal them.
  • Provide deep cleaning to all the required gym places.

How To Properly Maintain Gym Equipment For Longer Lifespan.

To properly maintain the gym equipment and enhance the lifespan, you need some tips and advice. 

  • Keep cleaning sprays away from cardio equipment.
  • Utilize gym wipes for faster and better cleaning.
  • Perform regular maintenance checkups.
  • Lubricate or oil machines.

Ready To Get Commercial Gym Cleaning Services?

When you are planning to clean your gym, you must hire the best gym deep cleaning services. LCS Janitorial Services, located in San Diego provide top-notch cleaning to your commercial gym and maintain your business reputation.

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