How To Clean Dust After Renovation?

Nov 15, 2022

How To Clean Dust After Renovation_

We all want to relax and enjoy our newly renovated space, right? But cleaning up the mess that is created during renovation is equally important. Cleaning a post-renovated property is more challenging than you think. After the renovation is complete, you must take care of the dust if you want to enjoy your freshly renovated home.

Complete cleanup is required to create a healthy atmosphere for your loved ones, even if the contractors have cleared the mess. Cutting or sanding drywall, wood, and other construction materials can hurt your health.

If you recently renovated your home for the upcoming Christmas festival, check out how to clean dust after renovation.

How To Clean Dust After Renovation With 4 Easy Steps

Safety Measures

Taking safety measures during post-renovation cleaning is crucial for your health. Because while cleaning, the dust and other debris on floors and walls or that are airborne are harmful to your lung health, especially for people with breathing problems. One should take the following safety measures seriously.

  1. We highly advise you to use personal protective equipment to protect yourself from dust and other harmful chemicals.
  2. Put on protection for eyes and hands.
  3. Cover your nose with a mask of the finest quality to avoid dust entering your body through your nose.


Vacuum your upholstery, floor, and every nook and cranny of your home to remove post-renovation dust. Try to remove the dust completely, and if you feel any residue is left, then vacuum it up again. To make your home more sanitary, don’t forget to vacuum regularly to get rid of any flying debris that has a chance to settle for a few days.


Clean surfaces, like walls, floors, and furniture, thoroughly because even your walls are affected by the dust created during renovation. The best technique to get rid of the particles without damaging the surface of a wall is to dry dust.

Ask your contractors and find out the type of paint, then clean your walls accordingly. Do a patch test before cleaning it up. If it is waterproof, then clean it with a damp towel. Declutter all your shelves, floors, and furniture, and try to disinfect them. Mop your floor thoroughly. Most importantly, focus on the critical areas.

Replace Filters And Declutter Air Vents 

Dust particles and debris accumulate on filters and air vents, so it is very important to clean them because they can lead to many respiratory problems. So, perform this step without fail.

Remove the vent covers from the adjacent walls for cleaning. Clean them thoroughly with water, keep them aside, and let them dry for some time. Before installing new vent covers, replace the air filters with new ones to inhale clean and fresh air.

Summing Up

After reading this blog on How to clean dust after renovation, you can effectively clean up after a renovation by carrying out these four easy steps. If you face any difficulty during post-renovation cleaning, you can also hire professional post-renovation cleaners. The experts will take care of all the safety measures for your valuables and renovated homes. You can now relax and enjoy your completely renovated home with your friends and family.

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