6 Common Post-Renovation Cleaning Mistakes To Avoid

Dec 5, 2022

Common Post Renovation Cleaning Mistakes To Avoid

Home renovation and construction work are exciting. But dealing with post-renovation chaos can be just the opposite. Construction work done at home can be a big mess. A mess feels like a mountain when you try to clean it.

There is also the risk of cleaning mistakes that may end up wasting time and money. So you are about to begin post-construction cleaning, check out the most common Post renovation cleaning mistakes that one should avoid.

Common Post Renovation Cleaning Mistakes To Avoid

1. Waiting too long to get started

You should start the cleaning as soon as the renovation work is over. Waiting too long to start cleaning will do nothing but make your life more stressful. To avoid this stress you can also hire a cleaning professional post-renovation cleaning company. Make sure you clean up the mess as soon as possible after renovation.

2. Spaces are overlooked.

Areas with “high touch” points are easy to miss and often ignored. Doorknobs, light switches, faucets, and toilet handles are all considered high-touch areas and are susceptible to the growth of harmful bacteria and microorganisms. They can wreak havoc in your home, so it’s important to have a post renovation cleaning checklist to ensure no area remains uncleaned.

3. Not disposing of waste properly.

If you or your employees don’t clean up the trash regularly, it will build up and become difficult to remove later. More importantly,  to avoid accidents, disease, and the risk of hefty fines. Renovation work can last a long time; hence, rubbish during construction work does pile up; Please be sure to remove garbage every day.

4. Using the wrong equipment 

Using the wrong tools can lead to unsatisfactory results and even more confusion. There are also special tools for specific tasks. For example, some areas need to be swept and others need to be vacuumed. Note: Some areas are unreachable and require different types of tools to clean, so you need to use the right tools in the right places.

5. Forget about windows

Windows let light into your home, act as insulation, and add to the beauty and appeal of your home. Clean the window screens to remove the eyesore. Quick and easy to clean your window grille. Dish-washing soap can be mixed with warm water and can be used to remove accumulated dirt and dust.

6. Not protecting the floors

Floors that are installed at the beginning of the construction process, are often poorly protected during the course of the project. Newly laid floors require contractors and handymen to constantly walk around and work the space and can get run over. Dust, dirt, paints, adhesives, and other chemicals and materials can get on your floors and cause unsightly stains.

Summing up

Cleaning up after a renovation is not easy, takes time, and effort, and must be done carefully. In this blog, we have covered the most common mistakes to avoid when cleaning up after a renovation. Common mistakes like waiting too long, ignoring windows, not disposing of trash properly, and not using the right equipment can make a room dirty. Therefore, you can avoid these post-renovation cleaning mistakes by consulting a professional cleaning company.

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