What Are The 3 Phases Of Post Construction Cleaning?

Sep 12, 2022

What Are The 3 Phases Of Post Construction Cleaning

As a contractor, the construction of a new building or renovation of the old one is a challenging task. But, it does not complete with the completion of construction work. Post-construction cleaning is an important thing that needs to be done before you hand over the keys to the owner. It is also important to know the phases of post construction cleaning.

Since post-construction cleaning takes a lot of time and effort, many contractors hire a professional post construction cleaning company for this work. Professionals complete the cleaning work in three different phases. In this article, we will discuss what are the phases of post construction cleaning.

Phases Of Post Construction Cleaning

Phase 1: Rough Cleaning

After completing the construction work, when a contractor finishes the installation of electric connections, plumbings, flooring, and framing, the first phase of post construction cleaning begins.

As per its name, it includes rough cleaning. In this phase, the cleaners first remove the trash, debris, and leftover construction materials and dispose of them correctly. The place is made free of unnecessary items.

Afterward, cleaners roughly vacuum and sweep to remove the soil and dust. This phase also includes the removal of stains caused due to paints and other construction materials. They also remove the strikers or other protecting films from newly installed windows, doors, and other furniture.

Phase 2: Thorough Cleaning

Thorough cleaning is one of the most important phases of post construction cleaning, which takes most of the time. Cleaners pay special attention to the detailed cleaning of special-purpose rooms like kitchens and bathrooms.

After clearing the trash in the first phase, cleaners first thoroughly vacuum the property and remove dirt and debris. Afterward, sinks, countertops, toilets, bathroom floors, tile & grout are cleaned thoroughly.

Then cleaners dust and mop the windows, doors, and other surfaces. Since this post-construction cleaning phase requires more time and effort, cleaners use advanced cleaning tools to make their job easy and quick.

Phase 3: Touch-up Cleaning

Touch-Up cleaning is the last post construction cleaning phase. The primary objective of the touch-up cleaning phase is to ensure everything is spotless. Generally, touch-up cleaning is done after several days of thorough cleaning.

Cleaners already finish the cleaning work in the second phase. They clean the accumulated dirt and dust and clean the smudges, fingerprints, and other imperfections from the windows, doors, ceiling fixtures, door handles, switchboards, lights, and fans.

Usually, this cleaning phase takes less time compared to others as the place is already deep cleaned in the previous phases. Many contractors often choose to finish touch-up cleaning on their own.

Post-Construction Cleaners You Can Trust

Post-construction cleaning is an intensive task, and relying on the construction workers for that is not a good idea. Because they may end up making post-construction cleaning mistakes. So it is always a good decision to hire professionals.

If you are looking for the best post construction cleaning company in San Diego CA, LCS Janitorial Services is the right choice for you. We are a team of highly experienced and skilled cleaning technicians that can effortlessly handle post-construction or post-renovation cleaning tasks. We are equipped with the latest cleaning supplies that will provide a squeaky-clean look to your property.

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