Know The Perfect Post Renovation Cleaning Checklist

Aug 6, 2021

Know The Perfect Post Renovation Cleaning Checklist

There is nothing more exciting than renovating your house. After renovation, you get a fresh and inspiring atmosphere that gives a new perspective to your house. On the other hand, once the renovation is completed, post-construction cleaning is essential for a clean, safe, and hygienic environment.

Is post construction cleaning hard? The answer is no, but it requires deep cleaning of your house due to the renovation process. So one of the effective ways to ensure the post-construction cleaning is formulating and utilizing a post renovation cleaning checklist.

However, renovation in your home brings dust, hard stains on tiles as well as leftover waste material. Therefore, cleaning after renovation can be hectic and time-consuming. Read this blog to know the tips for preparing your own cleaning plan.

What Is Included In Post Construction Cleaning?

  • Interior House Cleaning: It includes the removal of large debris, leftover waste materials, as well as dirt.
  • Room Cleaning: It consists of deep cleaning and disinfecting of all the surfaces including the window, kitchen, as well as a bathroom.
  • Final Cleaning: Here, it comprises thorough cleaning to the carpets and rugs, also windows, tile and grout of home are cleaned.

Post Renovation Cleaning Checklist For Your Home

1) Dusting

Renovations leave a lot of dust, plaster, and other debris behind. There are different post construction cleaning tools for removing dust from your house which include:

  • Use a duster to clean dust from newly painted surfaces.
  • To do high ceiling dusting, use a broom or extension duster.
  • Scrub hard stains with a bristle brush.
  • Use a wet towel to wipe all surfaces.
  • Clean vents, air filters, and light may accumulate a lot of dust during renovation.
  • Light fittings and vents may need to be cleaned with soap and warm water.

2) Vacuum Your Floor

Vacuuming is an important process because renovation leads to a lot of dirt and debris behind. So vacuum your floor, upholstery, and curtains thoroughly. Ensure that you also clean hard-to-reach places such as ceiling fans, and beneath the furniture. Even, use eco-friendly disinfectant cleaners at all places in your home after cleaning.

3) Wipe Away And Mop Down

After dry cleaning, it is necessary to clean the areas with the mop. For that, use warm water and soap to clean your tile and wooden floors. Cleaning with the mop is a significant part of the post-renovation. Because large messes are easily noticed but it is difficult to clean tough stains and dust in the hard-to-reach areas. Therefore you need to ensure thorough cleaning with mopping.

Planning To Hire Post Renovation Cleaning Services Today?

The post-construction cleaning process is tedious and time-consuming. So approach a trained cleaning professional from the LCS Janitorial Services which provides post-renovation cleaning services in San Diego. Our experts follow a set of cleaning processes to provide a clean, dust-free house for your post renovation cleaning checklist.

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