Why Stains Reappear After Traditional Carpet Cleaning?

Jan 6, 2021

Why Stains Reappear After Traditional Carpet Cleaning?

Many times you must have spotted the spots and stains to reappear after a few days of carpet cleaning. All the work, efforts, and time that you put into cleaning your carpets go down the drain just like that.

Although this is frustrating, it happens to everyone who uses the traditional carpet cleaning ways. The “shampooing” and “rinsing method” don’t remove the stains effectively.

In some cases, the stains reappear right after washing the carpets. Meanwhile, in other cases, they come back after some weeks. Whichever may be the case, having them come back again even after cleaning is very frustrating.

Further, you can understand the problem behind the reappearance of stains and spots.

Primary Reasons For Reappearance of Stains After Traditional Carpet Cleaning

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1. Wicking

Wicking basically means absorbing. So when the carpet fibers absorb stain deep within them, they reappear fast. It’s because the stain has not only penetrated through the carpet fiber but has reached the carpet backing and padding.

So while you try to clean the carpet in the traditional way, you cannot remove the stain from deep inside. If you rinse the carpet for too long, the moisture spreads the stain and makes it visible when it dries. Thus, removing it becomes even harder than before.

2. Remnants

In some cases, the stains that appear on the carpet result from the remnants formed in the carpet fiber. So what are these remnants made of? Well, they’re mostly made of cleaning shampoos and agents left behind while traditional carpet cleaning.

Without proper removal of stains, they can damage the carpet fiber as well as make your carpet look dirty. Excessive dirt or filth in high-traffic carpet areas also attracts pests and rodents and makes the environment around the carpet unhealthy.

Want To Stop The Spots To Reappear Permanently?

If these toughened stains are giving you a headache? Let professional carpet cleaners from LCS Janitorial Services help you. We use safe cleaning methods and products that eradicate all the stains from your carpet permanently.

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