How To Deal With The 5 Most Common Carpet Stains?

Feb 19, 2021

How To Deal With The 5 Most Common Carpet Stains

If you have a beautiful carpet at home, perhaps the last thing you want to see is a nasty stain on it. Unfortunately, carpet stains! They are an inevitable part of life. Whether it is the children being hyperactive or perhaps you haven’t gone around training your new pet. Whichever be the case, eventually, you will face cleaning a stain.

While you may want to let some professional carpet cleaners deal with the issue, often it is better to tackle it fast on your own. One reason for this is that the sooner you act, the better are your chances of removing the stain. If you let it just sit on the carpet, it is likely that it will not be fully cleaned at a later stage.

Though for some cases you need to hire the best carpet cleaning service provider to remove stains.

Solution To the 5 Most Common Types of Carpet Cleaning Stains

Juice Stains:

Juice Stains On Carpet

Juice stains are usually a result of your children’s activities. Although it is possible to just spill your glass sometimes; it happens. With some luck, you will remove the stain easily without the aid of specialized detergents. The stain should go away, but if it is still there, you may need to repeat this process a few times.

Tea/ Coffee Stains:

Tea-Coffee Stains On Carpet

That is one more drink that may find its way onto your carpet. Treating coffee stains right away is of utmost importance. The more time passes, the more likely it will show a brown-yellowish spot later on. Botch the spot immediately, to get good results.

Pet Stains:

Pet Stains On Carpet

Pets are many people’s best friends. But, sometimes they will leave stool on the carpet. When that happens, you must clean the stain as soon as it forms. Don’t scrub, as you will only drive the stain deeper into the carpet.

Ink Stains:

Ink Stains On Carpet

Ink is very tricky to remove, especially if let to sit for a long period. In fact, it can easily become permanent if you don’t act quickly. The weapon of choice against our expert cleaners. Wet a clean cloth with enough of it and dab the stain. Never scrub and rub, as this may spread the stain.

Blood Stains:

Blood Stains On Carpet

Like most other carpet cleaning stains, blood is removed easily only when it is addressed soon enough. Never use warm and hot water, because that will coagulate the blood. What you need to do is to mix cold water with dish detergent.

Professional Carpet Cleaners Help Solve Carpet Cleaning Stains!

These are some effective methods for treating the most common carpet stains. Now you know what you need to do the next time you see a bad carpet cleaning stain.

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