Facts About Why Housekeeping Is Backbone Of Hotel

Dec 1, 2021

Housekeeping Is Backbone Of Hotel

Housekeeping always has a larger role in maintaining the hotel’s standard. Accommodation and service is the biggest part of the hotel industry, and it is the most profitable department. This is because a person feels relaxed only in a pleasant, clean, and well-arranged environment.

The hotel may lose revenue if the customer sees dust debris or contaminants in any part of the hotel. Therefore, an aesthetic appearance is most valuable in the hotel business. In such a situation efficient housekeeping can be the only savior.

Why Housekeeping Is Backbone of Hotel Business?

1) Cleanliness Is Priority

Cleanliness is a basic expectation of guests, and housekeeping is important to make them feel comfortable. A hotel owner can find themselves in a pool of trouble if they don’t meet quality standards for being clean.

The cleaning task for housekeeping includes vacuuming the floors, changing bedding, providing fresh towels, cleaning the bathroom, and tidying up the whole room. They make sure that unnecessary things and already used objects are removed from the space.

2) The Show Must Go On

The hotel industry is made up of different domains that work together to launch a single business. It must maintain an adequate workflow to regulate general operations.

The housekeeper has to make sure that everything is well arranged for the next guest. For example, most hotel rooms have refrigerators, television, coffee maker, and microwave. Therefore, It is important to make sure that all the appliances are all set for the next guest.

3) Home Away From Home

The first priority is to make the guest feel comfortable. In between cleaning and making sure the items are in functional mode, housekeeping provides enough comfort for guests to make them feel special.

People go to hotels for various reasons. For e.g. When some people have no choice and have to stay in a hotel for work. At this time it is the owner’s responsibility to make everyone’s visit comfortable enough to make them feel “home away from home”.

4) Attract Repeated Visitors

The hotel needs to attract repeat visitors to thrive. To do this, the room should not only be clean, but also attractive. Going for the eye-warming theme in the room creates an overall feel and creates a good impression on guests.

Placing flowers on a table or desk in the bedroom can also make guests smile. It is necessary to make a guest feel special and exceed their expectations to make them visit again.

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