Things Included In Move-out Cleaning Checklist

May 24, 2021

Move-out Cleaning Checklist

Whether you are a renter or selling your old house, you need to deep clean it before moving out to a new home. In the first case, as a renter, you may think that “are tenants responsible for cleaning when moving out”. Of Course, it is necessary to clean the entire house. Moreover, what is included in the move-out clean depends on the size of your house and how clean you keep it already.

Here, you will study the top things included in the move-out cleaning checklist.

Top Things Included In Move-Out Cleaning Checklist

  • Start dusting every place like tables, chairs, cabinets, walls, in your home.
  • Clean all the kitchen appliances like drawers, cabinets, sinks, countertops, refrigerator, oven, etc. properly.
  • Scrub showers, bathtubs, toilets of your bathrooms and washrooms.
  • Wipe and remove all dirt from the baseboards and cupboards of your rooms.
  • Remove all the food residues and other cooking products from your kitchen cabinets.
  • Make use of an all-purpose surface cleaner and a clean cloth to wipe the window panes, kitchen tiles, fireplaces, and all hard surfaces in your home.
  • Once you pack your clothes and other accessories from your closets, or room cupboards, clean the shelves and hanging rods inside it.
  • Patch the hooks and drywall anchors properly. If you need drywall repair, then do take professional help.
  • Make sure that you touch up all the markings or scratches on the walls by applying paint. 
  • Clean the left-over residues from the underside of your kitchen gas burner. You can clean the oven with a solution of baking soda and water. 
  • Mop the floors with the best homemade cleaner of vinegar and warm water that removes all the grime and stains from it.

Is It Preferable To Hire Professional Move Out Cleaning Services?

Mainly, you have 2 choices. You can either clean your home by yourself or hire the best cleaning services. When you are staying on rent and wish to get your security deposit back, then it is advisable to call professionals. Also, if you are busy with your job and kids, then it becomes tough to clean the house thoroughly. While professionals will make use of the best tools and methods to sparkle and clean every surface and appliance in your home.

Planning To Move Out Soon? Hire Quality Professionals!

LCS Janitorial Services has a certified and well-trained professional team located in San Diego, CA. We ensure to make your move out easy and clean the house up to the mark.

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