Know the Best School Cleaning Checklist

Jun 8, 2021

Know the Best School Cleaning Checklist

It is believed that Covid virus is spreading from coughing, sneezing, or by talking to another person. In places like schools, where thousands of children play and study everyday, this virus can spread immediately with a fast pace. So, it is important to prepare covid-19 cleaning checklist for schools before it opens again.

However, you may feel it as a tedious task to create a school building cleaning checklist at this time. Because, it has a vast difference from the one that you made during pre-pandemic. In spite of thinking, know here the amazing school cleaning checklist to keep your children safe and happy.

Top Things To Be Included In School Cleaning Checklist

⇒ Clean all the playground equipment like swings, ladders, doorbells, door handles, toys, railings, benches, and chairs.
⇒ Ensure to wipe all the electric fixtures like light switches and switch plates with a clean cloth.
⇒ Remove the dirt from the HVAC vents and replace the HVAC filters wherever needed.
⇒ Purify the water fountains, sanitize the handrails and elevator buttons, wash the rugs and carpets.
⇒ Clean all the places in the classrooms and offices like seats, books, class equipment, cupboards, touchscreens, telephones, and computers with a wet cloth.
⇒ Vacuum and mop the whole flooring area of the school.
⇒ In the cafeteria, clean the places like countertops, tables, chairs, vending machine buttons, microwaves and refrigerator door handles properly. Empty the trash bins and sanitize the whole place.
⇒ Wipe the surfaces like hand dryer buttons, soap dispenser buttons, paper towel dispenser handles, doorknobs in the restroom areas. Also, clean the toilet flush handles, doors, and locks.
⇒ The whole auditorium place should be cleaned and sanitized properly.
⇒ Locker rooms, wrestling mats, sports and pool equipment with vacuum and a wet cloth.
⇒ Don’t apply disinfectants on the things that small kids put in their mouths or play with them. Simply clean them with a cloth.
⇒ Allow the flow of fresh natural air in the school, because a good ventilated area will definitely kill many germs.

Why Professional School Cleaning Service Needed?

As you have seen, cleaning the school after a long time is a very tough job, so taking professional help is a good choice. Moreover, you can take all the top benefits of school cleaning services while hiring professionals.

Want Professional Help? Hire School Cleaning Services Today!

At LCS Janitorial Services, all the experts are well-skilled and knowledgeable to clean and disinfect your whole school area properly. We guarantee to keep your children safe from the virus and provide them fresh flow of natural air in school.

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