Impressive Autumn House Cleaning Checklist

Nov 4, 2020

autumn house cleaning San Diego

With the passing Summer days, Autumn is now on your doorstep. Everyone will now be spending more time staying indoors. However, your comfort and leisure time could be disturbed by the dirty air flow in your room. Are you thinking how this can happen?

Moreover, if you are already a witness of dark spots or color fading on your precious carpets or rugs, then you know the answer to the above question.

So, learn the amazing Autumn House Cleaning checklist that you can do to keep your indoor air healthy and hygienic.

Top Things Considered In Autumn House Cleaning Checklist

  • First, remove dirt, leaves, and all the cobwebs from your house.
  • Clean the carpets, rugs, and upholstered furniture.
  • Rub the cutting boards with lemon and salt mixture in your kitchen.
  • Apply baking soda on your mattress and vacuum it thoroughly to refresh it.
  • Remove all the food stains and spills from your microwave oven. For that, keep a jar filled with water and white vinegar inside the oven and run the appliance for 2 minutes.
  • Clear the sticky dirt and debris from your ceiling fan blades.
  • If you own a pet, then wear rubber gloves to remove the pet hairs spreading in your home everywhere.
  • Autumn is the best time to defrost the freezer and clean it properly.
  • Enlighten your house by removing the dirt from all your light fixtures and even you can switch to LED bulbs. This will also reduce your energy bills.
  • After cleaning the kitchen chimneys, you need to also test its smoke and carbon monoxide alarms working in proper condition or not.
  • Due to condensation and moisture presence on your window glasses in autumn, there are chances of its damage. Either you can apply a TLC layer on your window frame for protection or hire the best professional window cleaning services.
  • Lastly, use your full autumn season to sort out your cupboard and clear all the summer and winter clothes that do not fit you now.

window cleaning during autumn San Diego


Seeking A Professional Approach For Your Autumn House Cleaning?

Even though there are many DIY hacks discussed in the above checklist, a professional cleaning definitely makes a difference. Also, there are many risks while you clean light fixtures, fans, or kitchen appliances by yourself without taking proper precautions.

However, the top-rated house cleaning company choice in San Diego always remains for LCS Janitorial Services. Our experts ensure you healthy, hygiene, and safe autumn house cleaning by using the best tools and techniques.

Call us at 619-488-7434 to book your cleaning appointment. Stay updated on our Facebook page to know more about our other cleaning services.

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