How To Clean Restaurant During A Pandemic?

Oct 1, 2020

how to clean restaurant

Times have drastically changed in the last few months. Everybody has started adapting to the new normal, including all types of business. To avoid the spread of diseases, all the companies are opting for more precautions and cleanliness.

Restaurants are such businesses that require the utmost safety. As it consists more of human-to-human contact, it is more prone to the spread of germs. Thus, sanitation and cleanliness should be prioritized. In this blog, you will learn how to clean restaurant to maintain the sanctity of the area.

How To Clean Restaurant: A Checklist

The following checklist is divided into two parts- the dining area and kitchen area to have a more comprehensive idea.

1. Dining Area

  • Clean the tables and chairs with a disinfectant after every usage. Also sanitize the foot of the booth to remove any leftover food crumbs.
  • Frequently spray the menus with a cleaning solution.
  • Sterilize the ketchup or condiment containers on the table.
  • Mop the floors with a cleaning solution.
  • Vacuum the leather booths.
  • Dust the vents for better indoor air quality.
  • Change the napkins and cutlery after every customer even if it is unused.
  • Clean the window panes, drapes, doors, and ceiling fans.
  • Disinfect the doorknobs and railings.
  • Also, get the restroom cleaned thoroughly after every shift.

2. Kitchen Area

  • Always sanitize the hands before preparing or cooking the food.
  • Clean the fryers, grills, and their handles.
  • Thoroughly sanitize the fruits, vegetables, and meat.
  • Clean the appliances like ovens and deep freezers at regular intervals.
  • Before using, wash the knives, slicer, and cutting boards.
  • Wash the chef’s coats and aprons.
  • Clean the grease from the surface.
  • Mop the floors with a cleaning solution to remove the food spills.
  • Use a drain cleaner for kitchen drains.
  • Likewise, clean the coffee machine handle.

restaurant cleaning

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