How To Clean Non-Removable Chair And Couch Cushions?

Jun 23, 2020

how to clean non removable chair and couch cushions

As we all know Food spills, bare feet, coffee stains, and pet hair can affect carpet and upholstery both. Especially, non-removable cushions. You cannot remove their pads for cleaning. Then how will you clean them? Let’s see some cleaning hacks.

Hacks On How To Clean Non-Removable Chair And Couch Cushions?

Usually, you will find one of the four letters on the cleaning label on your cushions. Here is the meaning of each:

  • W — clean this material using water.
  • S — No water. You need to purchase a special solvent-based cleaner.
  • WS — water or a solvent-based cleaner can be used.
  • X — Vacuum only.


Use the vacuum upholstery brush attachment to remove debris and dirt from the surface. Be sure to clean the corners and corners of sofa cushions where pet hair, food debris, and other dirt accumulations. 

To get rid of ordinary pet hair that you don’t want to vacuum, keep the rubber gloves on and clean the cushion by hand. The glove picks up the pet’s hair and lifts it from the fabric.

how to clean non removable chair and couch cushions

Now when you are vacuuming, run it from above and point it right and left, then go to the bottom line. These techniques will help you remove dirt, especially with silk or velvet cloth.

Steam Wash

This is another way to get the ultimate clean chair cushion, as it can be used to disinfect all fabric furniture. Basically, the steam cleaner uses heat to disinfect and deodorize your cushions. 

Steam CleaningBefore you start steaming, you must vacuum. Then prepare the steam cleaner. Mix hot water and a small amount of soap in the container of the machine. Do not use too much soap as it is easier to clean with a small amount of mild detergent. 

Once you have finished steaming, your chair seat will get wet, so you should dry it in direct sunlight, using a fan or a hairdryer.

Stain Removal

How to clean non-removable chair and couch cushions as they often get oily or sticky. To clean them – you can apply a stain remover or saturated cleaner to these areas before using an air compressor to clean it. Let the cleaner sit for a while (about 10 minutes). 

Once the cleaner has dried on the surface, use an air compressor at a certain angle to blow away any debris. Make sure the compressor is set to low speed and absorbs maximum residue. Wipe the area with a dry, clean cloth or paper towel.

Final Verdict 

Nothing can remain new forever. But your cleaning will make it more durable and shiny. If you don’t know where to start or don’t have time to do it yourself, we at LCS Janitorial Services have got your back in San Diego. Call 619-488-7434 to book your professional upholstery cleaning services now. To know more about cleaning tips follow us on Facebook.

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