How to Clean High Traffic Carpet Areas?

Jul 21, 2020

How to Clean High Traffic Carpet Areas?

That area around your coffee table or the extra dirty carpet in your hallways is what’s known as High Traffic Areas

Traffic relates to cars and streets, right? Not all the time. Your house has ‘foot’ traffic as well. There are specific areas in your house that will have lots of activities for different reasons. These are what are referred to as ‘high traffic’ areas.

The carpet that covers such areas usually experiences a lot of wear and tear. The different types of stains that get on them and then pieces of different particles push down further into the fabric almost every day. Cleaning these carpets may require specific methods for the effect to be fully visible.

Ways To Clean High Traffic Carpet Areas

1. Agitating brush on the vacuum

Most vacuum cleaners don’t have a brush that revolves at a high speed as it loosens the dirt on the carpet. Buying one that does will help beat the dirt and dust out of your carpet then sucks the dirt into the vacuum cleaner. The bristles on the brush also fluff up the fiber on the carpet and this makes it look nicer.

Check whether the type of carpet you have can damage from this kind of cleaning because some types cannot withstand the action of the bristles. Choose a vacuum cleaner that best suits your carpet to avoid damage.

The speeds on these agitators are different and it is very easy to assume that the faster it is the better it will clean. What you should look for is a combination of speed and good bristles on the brush. The number of bristles on the brush will affect how much carpet fiber is ‘agitated’ and therefore how much dirt is picked up.

2. Wet vacuum cleaners

Most of the stains in high traffic areas cause by food spills. The food particles are solid and will get harder and harder as the days go by. Wet vacuum cleaners will allow you to use water to soften and loosen the particles for easier cleaning.

3. Industrial strength vacuums

When you feel like your carpet has had some serious exposure to dirt and the simpler cleaning methods won’t do; it may be time you got industrial strength cleaning vacuums from LCS Janitorial Services. These vacuum cleaners are very powerful therefore they remove a lot more dirt in a much shorter time. The result is a cleaner looking and fresher smelling carpet.

All these different methods are available and give good results and also clean high traffic carpet areas. They cost different amounts so before you make a choice look at your budget and think of the final result you would like to see.

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