Top 9 Janitorial Cleaning Tips By Professionals

Sep 17, 2021

Top 9 Janitorial Cleaning Tips By Professionals

Being a janitor may look easy, but brings along several responsibilities. Janitors must understand and be able to alter their skill set according to customers’ requirements and keep assigned areas, such as office, commercial, industrial, or institutional buildings in hygienic and orderly condition.

A janitor needs to be a team player when the situation demands, should understand and follow instructions both written and verbal. Basic skills to ensure swift communication with fellow teammates and superiors are a must. Learn below the top janitorial cleaning tips noted by professionals.

Top 9 Wonderful Janitorial Cleaning Tips

1) Sustainability Is The Key

Companies these days are focusing on reducing their carbon footprints. In such a case, the employer would want every employee: From the CEO to the last people in the building, to contribute to their sustainability goals. You, as a janitor, can contribute by monitoring all the appliances and switching off those which are not in use at the moment. You might just want to keep a list and color code them, as it would go really handy during your work hour

2) Sanitization Is Essential

After the global pandemic, one needs no explanation for why sanitation is important. Despite this, the topmost janitorial cleaning tip would be that there are certain minute things that require a lot of attention. Apart from cleaning mere surfaces and floors, one has to keep every single surface in mind. I.e., sanitizing the surface of electronic devices, ensuring there is enough disinfectant available at every station for employees to sanitize hands or themselves entirely.

3) Floor Finishing Tasks

How often have you looked at those finely finished, sleek-looking floors and credited the machines instead of the janitors? Usually, it’s not just the machine, it’s the janitor too. For the floor, taking your time is mostly the ideal choice to make. Because, if you hurry, your mistakes will be more obvious and catch the eyes of your superiors. Therefore, take your time and be patient while it’s cleaning time.

4) Break The Monotony Of Cleaning The Restrooms

It is essential for a cleaning professional to consider breaking the monotony while cleaning the restrooms. Altering the process as per the requirements of seasons can play a major role in a fresh-looking restroom. Also, consider adopting new appliances and products when required.

5) File Up Time

Imagine walking in your boss’s shoes. How would you feel walking up to your cabin with an untidy set up in the morning? I’m sure no one would find it pleasing. Setting up the trays or merely organizing the folders and labeling them could be a great extra service to provide. Use this janitorial cleaning tip to remain in your bosses’ good books.

6) Checklist To The Rescue

Making a checklist daily can really turn out to be a savior, especially when there are ample tasks for you to do throughout the day. You don’t want to forget any of them unless you want to get fired. Not just for cleaning, but also to ensure there is an adequate stock of cleaning essentials always available.

7) Back To Basics

While it’s quite natural to pay more attention to the floor, desks, and restrooms. But do not forget dusting waiting rooms, magazines, window blinds. Cleaning them is equally essential to keep the office/assigned space squeaky clean.

8) Vanished Walls

While cleaning any space; walls are rarely on the list. Walls need as much attention. Offices these days have white or light-colored walls which make dust and any other sort of dirt on the surface even more noticeable. It’s advised to clean walls every once in a couple of weeks, starting from the top and ending on the bottom.

9) Adding Pleasant Fragrances

The last pro tip for janitorial cleaning tip would be to add fragrance. A variety of fragrances available in the market usually encourage the release of endorphins: ‘Feel-good’ chemicals. It has the exceptional ability to enhance mood, increase alertness, positivity, eliminate stress, and make it easier to focus. Therefore, looking and smelling great is as essential for spaces as it is for humans.

What Do We Include In Janitorial Services?

Usually, we include restroom cleaning, cleaning of employee break rooms or kitchens, sweeping and mopping of hard surface floors, vacuuming of the carpet, dusting, emptying trash, Wiping down office desks, and chairs.

LCS Janitorial Cleaning provides top-notch professional janitorial cleaning in San Diego county. We respond to and understand the specific needs of each of our clients. As you know that cleanliness makes a good impact on clients, whether it is your office space or a restaurant.

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