Know What Is Part Of Medical Office Cleaning Checklist

Apr 26, 2021

Medical Office Cleaning Checklist

Hospital is one such place that needs to be cleaned and sanitized as frequently as possible. With so many patients attending the hospital daily, maintaining its hygiene is a big priority for hospital management. Hence, medical office cleaning services are vital for the smooth running of any hospital.

So, if you are hiring a professional to keep your hospital clean and germ-free, you must know what services they provide. To help you in that regard, here is an article stating what all services are included in the medical office cleaning checklist.

Medical Office Cleaning Checklist In Detail

⇒ Clean Floors

Dirty hospital floors not only make it unhygienic but also dangerous. You may ask how? Doctors and nurses have to wheel patients out to the operation room or observation rooms, and a dirty floor can cause accidents. By hiring janitorial services, you get debris-free, sanitized floors.

Floor Cleaning - Medical Office Cleaning Services

⇒ Maintaining Waiting Room’s Cleanliness

The waiting room has to be clean and germ-free all the time as it is where everyone suffering from different diseases sit together. Now, some diseases are infectious and can transfer through surfaces. As a result, having commercial cleaners on standby can avoid such a situation.

⇒ Restroom Sanitation

One spot that has been to cause a lot of diseases is restrooms. This place is full of germs, viruses, and bacteria. But office cleaning restrooms are way different from hospital restroom cleaning. In hospitals, commercial cleaners follow sanitary cleaning guidelines set by the management.

⇒ Trash Collection & Proper Disposal

Commercial cleaners need extensive training and knowledge for the collection and disposal of trash in the hospital. That is because the trash created by the hospital is often hazardous. Improper disposal of trash can put the hospital staff, patients, and commercial cleaners in harm’s way.

⇒ Keeping The Surroundings Clean

Lastly, one of the major jobs of commercial cleaners is to keep the entire surrounding of the hospital clean. This includes the breakrooms, changing rooms, operation theatres, common space, patient’s room. Besides all of these, they also clean faucets, door handles, lights, telephones, etc.


Having a medical cleaning checklist helps you understand what all cleaning services you need. Besides that, it also helps you to keep in check on the cleaning services carried out each day by professionals.

Learn more to know how we can help you with health care facilities.

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