Easy Green Cleaning Hacks For Your Home

Feb 3, 2022

Easy Green Cleaning Hacks For Your Home

Cleaning is definitely a task that uses up much of time and supplies as well. As it is known, cleaning is a recurring job. One needs to clean the home and other aspects regularly to maintain cleanliness and hygiene. But have you ever given a thought to the number of chemicals there are in cleaning agents? Think of Green Cleaning with us

You might perhaps not care to check the labels of most cleaning agents and products. As much as our earth is facing pollution and destruction, much of it comes from cleaning. Most modern cleaning products utilize harsh chemicals. And the cleaning brushes and other supplies are largely crafted out of plastic.

To make this earth a better place, we need to take steps to adopt green cleaning practices. These entail the use of eco-friendly products and recycled supplies. There are many other hacks you could try at home as a first step towards saving the Earth.

Top Hacks For A Green House Cleaning

↦ Use Multi-Purpose Cleaners

Use Multi-Purpose Cleaners

A multi-purpose cleaner is designed to clean all surfaces. Whether it be wood, vinyl, marble, or steel, it can handle it all. Using a multi-purpose cleaning agent will save you money. Also, it will save you from the stress of picking out a different cleaner for a different cleaning purpose. This will also save you from using too many chemicals all over your house.

A multi-purpose cleaner that is eco-friendly is the best. This almost minimizes the use of chemicals around your house. Also, it is safe for kids and pets. Green cleaners near you also doubtlessly use this hack.

Reuse Old Toothbrushes

resue old toothbrush

You may have a couple of old toothbrushes standing by the washstand. With absolutely no use, they are just gathering dust sitting there. You can make great use of these toothbrushes. They come in handy to clear tough grime.

Moreover, the fine bristles on a toothbrush help you to remove trapped dust particles. A flexible brush can even reach nooks and corners. Used toothbrushes make excellent use as cleaning agents. Green cleaning services near you might not be using this trick though. So, save those toothbrushes before throwing them right away.

Hydrogen Peroxide Fights Ink Stains

Hydrogen Peroxide Fights Ink Stains

Using hydrogen peroxide which is available easily is of course a green option. Many a time it happens that your upholstery or carpets get ink stains. Getting rid of ink stains without a dry cleaner might seem impossible. But it is not.

Take some dish soap and hydrogen peroxide the next time you notice this nasty guest on your apparel. Apply both on the spot and leave for 20 minutes to dry. Then toss your clothes in the tumble dryer to get rid of the ink completely. An eco-friendly cleaning service might also do good in this case.

Place Plants To Get Rid of Pests

Place plants to get rid of pests

Insects and other animals, like us, can’t abide certain odors, and strategically arranging houseplants can help reduce the amount of them without resorting to pesticides while green cleaning your home.

Citronella oil repels spiders, so add a small amount to any volatile oils burners where you might have a spider problem or light citronella-scented candles.

Mice, on the other side, despise spearmint and peppermint. Place a few mint herb plants where mice are a nuisance, or mix a few droplets of peppermint essential oil (20-30) into cotton wool and place them in openings and gaps wherever mice are getting in. Any expert green cleaning services might also suggest this hack.

Plastic Bottles Can Be Reused

Plastic Bottles Can Be Reuse

While it may be more challenging right now, you can retain and repurpose old plastic containers for refilling from local waste reduction businesses or other washing refills. These bottles will come in handy to store just anything.

Good-quality plastic bottles can be upcycled to form soap-dispensing sponge cleaners. Fill a bottle with the desired cleaning agent and remove its cap. Cut out a round piece of sponge with the help of the bottle cap. Insert this sponge which is slightly bigger than the size of the bottle opening in the bottle. Whenever you press the bottle, the cleaning agent is absorbed by the sponge. You can use this directly as an applicator as well as a brush. Eco-friendly cleaning services might have this and many more intelligent hacks to save the planet.

If you’re starting to cultivate any fruit or vegetables this spring, you may also repurpose plastic bottles into seedling planters and little greenhouses.

What Means Green Cleaning?

Green Cleaning is the use of biodegradable supplies and eco-friendly cleaning agents for cleaning. This ensures minimum damage to the planet.

If you are looking for more of such hacks, contact LCS Janitorial Services. This green cleaning company is an expert in all sorts of cleaning projects. With years of experience and expertise, we make sure to give only the best cleaning results every time.

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