A hotel room attendant is a person that maintains the integrity and best reputation of the hotel in the market. His main work is to keep the rooms and hotel areas clean, ensure to fulfill all customer’s needs, supervise and coordinate with the guest’s needs and demands. Apart from this, know here the other daily activities of a hotel room attendant.

Room Attendant Duties And Responsibilities

⇒ The first and foremost work of a hotel room attendant is cleaning all the rooms, lobbies, elevators, and other areas of the hotel.

⇒ Dust all the furniture areas and mop the hotel floors. Clean the carpets and rugs.

⇒ Clear the bedrooms of guests, keep clean sheets and towels in the rooms and toiletry areas.

⇒ Provide extra amenities to the guests when they request them. Also, maintain the stock of linen and towels in the properly designated areas of the hotel.

⇒ Do proper cleaning and disinfection of bathrooms. In addition to that, clean and disinfect the kitchen rooms.

⇒ Deep cleaning of the hotel areas and disposing of the garbage daily is a necessary task.

⇒ Use the cleaning equipment properly and keep them clean. Else, they will spread dirt around when you use them for cleaning the rooms.

⇒ Collect the lost items of the guests from the rooms. Then, after giving these items to your supervisor, which will return to their customers. This maintains the dignity of your hotel.

⇒ Make sure to provide a nice welcoming for the VIP customers and satisfy them with the proper hotel services.

⇒ Assist the laundry cleaners properly in washing the used towels, bedsheets, and other napkins of the rooms.

⇒ Do proper signing in and out of master keys for the hotel rooms.

⇒ Vacuum all the corridor and room areas thoroughly.

⇒ Fulfill all the rules and policies of hotel standards and if required then do sanitation of the areas with extra safety or care.

What Are The Skills That The Room Attendant Should Possess?

⇒ Must have the best interpersonal and communication skills.

⇒ Able to manage and complete the tasks on a timely basis.

⇒ Should be responsible and reliable towards its work.

⇒ Satisfy the expectations of guests by serving them excellent services.

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