The two terms, room houseman and housekeeper, can be quite confusing. One of these positions is like the hostess of the room, but the other position has more authority and prestige.

The room manager is an employee of the hotel industry responsible for cleaning the rooms and meeting the needs of guests. In the hotel industry, the housekeeper is like a room assistant. However, the housekeeper may also refer to an employee who runs an enormous house.

What’s the difference between a houseman and a housekeeper?

Hotel houseman work behind the scenes, overseeing hotel and swatch cleaning. They help the housekeeper clean the hallways, and the rest of the hotel’s floors and doors. They respond to guest requests and help provide customer service.

Duties of Houseman

The in-house hotel service helps the cleaners to clean and maintain the room. Houseman can flip the mattress, separate the dirty linen, store household items, and help clean the bathroom and other guest areas. 

Houseman cleans furniture in lobbies, doors, and lift frames, and are vacant shelters in places where hotels can smoke. He can also manage the lost property of the hotel.

The responsibility of the houseman begins when something breaks or needs a good cleaning. From painting walls and carpets to repairing hotel and room furniture, lamps, TVs, and other equipment, hotel guests need to be in every business setting.


Things You Should Know About a Housekeeper


In the tourism and hospitality industry, housekeepers are employees who clean and do other household chores at hotels. This is the same as the housekeeper.

However, the housekeeper of a large household is hired to manage the household. They spread to large households with many servants. The housekeeper of an enormous house is to supervise other domestic workers. 

An experienced woman usually filled this position. Most of the household chores are under the supervision of a housekeeper. Housekeepers usually reported to their mistress. They also have the authority to hire and fire junior staff.

The Key Difference Between a Houseman And a Housekeeper


  • The houseman is an employee of the hotel industry and is responsible for swatch cleaning and looking after guests.
  • The houseman responds to the requests of the guests, such as when the light in the room does not work or when the ice machine in the hall does not work. Since he will interact with the guests, most hotels require that they know the company’s policies.
  • Their duties may include maintaining the hotel HVAC unit and incorporating air conditioning units and/or filters.


  • The housekeeper in the hotel business is like an employee, but the employee who runs the housekeeper in a big house.
  • Changing bed linens and making the beds, washing, folding, and ironing clothes.
  • Fulfilling errands for the family. This may include things like grocery shopping or dry cleaning and mailing. Preparing food for the family.

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