Upholstery Cleaning Services For Pastel Upholstered Furniture

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Professional Upholstery Cleaning Can Protect Your Pastel Furniture

When it comes to light-colored upholstered furniture it is very difficult to keep it bright. Dirt is easily visible on pastel upholstered furniture and it is more susceptible to stains. There are also common mistakes that can damage furniture when placing these items in your home.

Here we have shared simple effective ways to keep your pastel furniture in the best condition.

Place it Away From Direct Sunlight

If you place your upholstered furniture near the window or in a place where it can face direct sunlight, the UV rays of the sun can fade away the color. Eventually, this will bleach the fabric and uneven discoloration. If you want your upholstered furniture to be placed near the window, make sure you use a curtain to restrict the exposure.

Place it at Good Distance From Air Vents

Never place pastel furniture near or under the air vents. Your upholstery material can dry out due to the air circulation. The most important thing to consider is the air vents accumulates dust particles. This is can get penetrated deep into the fabrics.

Yearly Upholstery Cleaning

Only professionals can give you the best and deep upholstery cleaning. So, make sure you have a professional upholstery cleaning at least once a year because this is the ideal tip for upholstery cleaning from our experts. Over the cover the course of use, furniture will have issues of shading in the fabric. Upholstery cleaning at a proper interval of time will remove the layer of dirt and dust making your furniture looking clean and brighter. Additionally, it will also protect the material.  

Fabric Protector

Fabric protectors one of the good options to prevent staining from food and dirt. It also makes upholstery cleaning easier. There are many protecting solutions available in the market.

If you consider the simple ways given above you can keep your pastel upholstered furniture looking new for a long time. If you are looking for a company who provides a combo of quality cleaning with affordable price, then you landed at the right place. LCS Janitorial Service is a renowned company offering quality upholstery cleaning services in San Diego and nearby areas.

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