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The couch is one of the most used assets in the house. The couch also enhances the appearance of the room. They are many variants for the couch that you can easily get in the market. Majority of them enjoy watching movies sitting on the couch, it gives another level of comfort. But dust and debris don’t allow you to enjoy the same level of comfort for a longer time, that the reason you need regular professional upholstery cleaning.

As it is said every coin has a flip side, couch fibers are great filters they trap dust and debris in the fabric. Sometimes, spilled drink, oil from your body, pet hair, and food crumbs can build up and this buildup can look dingy. If the couch goes to severe condition you will need an upholstery cleaning by professionals.

Nothing to worry, here we have shared tips for upholstery cleaning service at home. Now you can quickly clean your couch to enjoy your favorite movie on weekend.

1. Vacuum: The first thing you need to do is, use a hand vacuum or the brush attachment on your vacuum to clean debris and dirt from the soft surface. Make sure you clean the cracks or holes where the dirt, food crumbs, and pet hair can settle. If the cushion is not attached, remove them and vacuum both sides. In case there is a lot of pet hair, use a lint roller to remove hair the vacuum can’t get.  

2. Properly clean the wood or metal areas. Also, clean the sofa feet and other parts of the sofa which are non-fabric using a solution of warm water and liquid dish soap.

3. Identify the type of fabric you’re dealing with. Look for the tag on the couch and read the instruction given for upholstery cleaning. Here are the codes that you can find on labels:

WS: It means to use a mild detergent with a steam vacuum or a dry-cleaning detergent.

S: Use a dry cleaner detergent only.

W: You can use water to clean it.

X: No water, only use a vacuum cleaner.  

4. Eliminate Stain: If you have good knowledge of couch cleaning means you can deal with the stains over it. Now there are two ways, one you can use a commercial cleaner or you can develop your own cleaners using natural ingredients in your kitchen. Homemade cleaners are cheaper and gentle to the earth.

Here’s it is how you can clean your sofa, by fabric type:

  • Fabric upholstery: Make a solution of ¼ cup of vinegar, ¾ warm water and 1 tablespoon for dish soap and stir it properly. Put in a spray bottle. Spray the soiled area. Scrub it using a white soft cloth until the stain lifts. Use a second cloth moistened with clean water to remove the soap. Dry with a towel.
  • Leather upholstery: Make a solution of ½ cup of olive oil with ¼ cup vinegar, then mix it properly and put into a spray bottle. Spray the cleaner on the surface of the couch and buff with a soft cloth.
  • Synthetic upholstery: Make a solution of ½ cup of vinegar, 1 cup of warm water, and ½ tablespoon of liquid dish soap in a spray bottle. Spray the area and scrub it using a soft white cloth till the stain is gone.

Leave the couch for some time so it gets dry properly. Use a towel to soak up any excess water remaining on the soft surface. If it is humid, you may want to set up a table or box fan facing the couch for reducing the drying time. Otherwise, water can cause mildew in cushions and fabrics.

If the stain on the couch is severe, then it is better to call a professional to deal with it. A professional upholstery cleaning will give your couch a new life. LCS Janitorial Services provides professional upholstery cleaning in San Diego and nearby areas.

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