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Professional Tile and Grout Cleaning Services is The Key to Prolong Your Tile and Grouts!

Having a tiled floor in your home or office enhances the look of the room. Yet like many other beautiful things, it is delicate. The tile and grout can easily get stained when accidents happen, such as a glass of wine spills during the party or from the foot traffic of your kids and pets running through the house each day. It can be etched by acidic cleaners and even citrus juices. It can be scratched by moving furniture across the floor or even your vacuum cleaner.  

Some minor damage is unavoidable. You cannot walk on the floors as you are walking on eggshells. But, you can do is take preventive steps to avoid damage where possible and then call a tile floor cleaning company to perform some tile floor restoration. If you are full of self-confidence you can also perform DIY measures:

For Scratches on The Floors

Whenever something rough rubs up against your tile, the tile gets scratched. Your tile can be scratched by walking across the floor with your shoes and the fine gravel which are stuck in it. Your tile can even be scratched by using a harsh cleaner with containing acidic chemicals.

If the scratching is light, you might be able to remove the scratches by buffing the tile. You’ll need to go to a home improvement store to buy the buffing compound of fine grit sandpaper to do the buffing. Just use a light touch or you might scratch the tile even more.

If you don’t know what you’re doing if the tile has deeper scratches, you should call professional tile and grout cleaning services for help.

For Etching on The Floors

The main reason for etching on the tile is acidic substance, as it comes in contact with the tile it occurs. Such as lemon juice, vinegar, orange juice, acidic cleaning products, and even perfume or item containing perfume. Coffee and red wine can also etch tile.

You can eliminate etching by buffing, this is the way you will able to remove light scratches. But if the marks are even lighter, you may be able to remove them with a simple solution of warm water and a few drops of dish detergent. Just let the solution sit on the etched area for a few minutes, and then buff out the etches.

In the case the etching is to bad, you need to approach professional tile and grout cleaning services in San Diego.  

If you think you need a professional help related to tile and grout cleaning in San Diego, you can totally rely on LCS Carpet Cleaning. We have years of experience in tile and grout cleaning. If you want to make your bookings call us @ 619-488-7434.  


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