Shopping Mall Maintenance Checklist 2019

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Whether you are the owner of a shopping mall or working as a responsible maintenance officer, you know the importance of cleanliness. This is because shopping malls receive the highest amount of traffic daily. From escalators to flooring in malls, all are vulnerable to stains, scratches, and dirt. Following the shopping mall maintenance checklist can be a smart solution in such a scenario. Let us find out how. 

What is Mall Maintenance Checklist?

It is the list that contains items to be checked or reviewed for maintenance or cleaning. Also, the document covers all the points that need to be reviewed the same item more than once. The things included in the list meant to be clean and maintain for safety purposes. 

Cleaning escalatorWhat is Included in Preventive Maintenance?

Preventive maintenance of shopping malls is an essential part when you have thousands of people roaming around. It includes cleaning, replacing damaged things, repairs, and overall adjustments. Following are some things covered in the preventive maintenance checklist:-

  • Inspect the state of the paint and walls.
  • Examine for damaged shutters and doors.
  • Clean the escalators as needed.
  • Brush roof drains and gutters as needed.
  • Inspect the condition of the roof.

Shopping Mall Maintenance and Cleaning Checklist 

  • Sweeping and washing common area hard surfaces
  • Cleaning interior glass and dusting horizontal surfaces
  • Washing inside hallway windows and dusty areas
  • Sanitizing and organizing meeting room areas
  • Purifying and cleaning bathrooms
  • Removing junk and replacing wastebasket liners
  • Vacuuming carpets and doormats
  • Cleaning light fixtures, fire extinguisher, and exit signs
  • Specialized cleaning service 
  • Outdoor cleaning of the parking areas 

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