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Holidays what a pleasant name, don’t you think so? After hearing about holidays and that up of all the summer holidays, all schoolchildren and teachers feels happy as they got a break.  However, for cleaning staff, cleaning is quite a task for cleaning from last academic year and making a way for new start.

School cleaning is one of the most important and busiest month during school holidays. Most of day-to-day house maintenance are kept a side and deep clean jobs are commenced. The classrooms are serviced for welcoming the new academic year. For your help we have collected some school cleaning tips to get it clean on time for New Year.

First, let us start from large cleaning projects, which is to create a plan of duties. Moreover, it is important to take care of deep cleaning requirements before children return, so divide the work by floors, bathrooms, kitchens and storage areas during summer months.

Before starting the cleaning project, take into consideration about the floors or areas, which are bare or need a refinish; those that only be scrubbed and those that only need detail cleaning. Cleaning and organizing storerooms is a must as failure to keep on top of storage areas can lead to real trouble during term time, and safeguarding that the kitchen is shiny and clean keeps the school in good standing when it comes to assessments.

Cleaning out dust from every corners of the classrooms is must. As clean classrooms provides healthy environment for schoolchildren. The summer is also a good time to carry out any maintenance jobs such as replacing light bulbs and addressing tile and grout chores. Bathroom cleaning is also a major part of cleaning work. Bathrooms should thoroughly cleaned without residue and unpleasant odor.

Providing extra training for cleaning professionals is important, and check that equipment is up to date, even looking into ‘green’ responsibilities by eliminating products, which contain many toxins. Finally, the holidays are also a good time to address cleaning procedures throughout the year.

For most of heavy tasks, which cannot be done by regular equipment, it might be appropriate to get in the specialists or the professionals who can bring with them heavy-duty equipment to apply long-term fixes. LCS Janitorial Services adapts a cleaning regimen that accommodates the precise need of school cleaning in San Diego.

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