4 Important Office Cleanliness Rules To Consider

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Having proper office cleaning is not an easy responsibility for the person or a team who perform janitorial cleaning services. However, we have listed some significant office cleanliness rules that should be followed by everyone. This will help you to improve office cleanliness and foster positive vibes every day.

Office Cleaning

Top 4 Office Cleanliness Rules To Be Followed For Healthy Workplace:

Having Food at The Desk

In such a hectic schedule people find it difficult to take time out of the office for lunch. Your office trash might be overlooked because it is usually used for paper and some other non-eatables. Hence, in such a tough schedule it may skip checking and emptying. 

So, what happens when you eat on your desk and discard food leftovers in your office dustbin? As the food is left in the dustbin, it might get rotten overnight and into the next day, it becomes a breeding ground for bacteria and a boon for pests. If you eat at your desk, make sure you take all the food scraps and related waste to a properly designed trash can within the facility. Moreover, it will also spoil the breeze of the office. 

Decluttering Desktop & Workspace

It would be beneficial for all if you clean your desktop at the end of the day. Arrange your folders, papers, tapes, pens, etc proper as a part of routine cleaning before leaving. Also, ask the cleaning team to dust and disinfect desktops and clean your desk and other surfaces near your work area. This will save time and labor expenses and ensure that your area receives a specific cleaning. 

Lunchroom Manners

Eating is a messy activity, and food preparation can make the kitchen dirty. In a sharing location such as an office kitchen, it is better you cover the plates and platters before reheating in a microwave to stop splattering. The best thing you can do is to use disposable plates, bowls, and cups. They are great in the office kitchen, as this will not pile up the dishes in the sink and need to be washed. Moreover, your coworkers will thank you after you wipe down the table where you sat and ate your meal. 

Working Sick

If you are sick and you choose to go to work, you may pass that cold, flu to the coworker. On the other hand, if you avoid going to the office, the cold and flu will not affect the other. Simple right? Sadly, sometimes staying at home isn’t an option. When you are working while sick, make sure to take as many precautions as possible to protect your coworkers. 

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