Tips For Students Who Are Planning to Move to New Rented House

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You cannot deny the fact that moving is the worst thing. Therefore if you plan to move then you need to pack everything, need to rent a moving truck, move everything from your apartment into the truck, move into the new house.

In addition to the cost, there are many other details that need to keep the track. It’s no normal that some crucial steps often fall by the wayside. Sadly, forgetting to complete some important task during your move out can cost you money and time. Dealing with many other issues even after you move to a new location. If you want to avoid some of the common pitfalls, make sure you remember the following tasks.

The 3 main things you need to do:

Inform and Give a Prior Notice to Your Landlord

Most of the leases require a minimum 30 days prior notice that you have the plan to move out of the apartment. Most landlords will reach out to you at this point because they are eager to know as soon as possible whether or not they should look for new tenants. Nevertheless, if they do not look for the new tenant and you fail to inform them, they may charge you extra for the next month.   

Clean Your Apartments

As you turn over your security deposit to your landlord, you give them the authority to decide how much you will be getting back on the move-out. And the best way to put a dent into the same amount, barring damage to the apartment, is by leaving it dirty.

Follow the apartment rule: leave it in the similar condition or better condition as you leave it. With the expectation of normal wear and tear, small smudges in the fridge and many more. Further, the apartment must be totally cleaned means: no wall marks, no garbage, and surface wiped off.

Close or Transfer your Utilities

The most importantly if you have any utilities (services), just call the service provider to change the address on the account or to stop the service. Some of the service providers have an online management system, you can just log on and update your address. Make sure you inform them that when to discontinue the service at the current location and when to start the plan at the new location.

Once you moved into your new house, you are free to perform the task of setting up the gas and electricity. In the case of the internet, your apartment should have the optic cable to connect to your devices. You can get a router and connect the cable to the router so you can make your own wi-fi area.

Failing to do these in a timely manner might cost you some money if bills for these services overlap. Even worse, it may leave you without internet for a couple of days.

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