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Over the past many years we’ve had all types of people working for us, some have fitted in well, some have been with us since the beginning, and some have left us for various reasons. It’s a real challenge to find the best people, but we’re up for it!

One of the questions I have been asked before is “what does it take to be a great cleaner”?  It’s a great question and I love it when someone asks me, because it gives me the opportunity to showcase the skills that our team members already have. The thing is, being a cleaner isn’t exactly regarded as a ‘sexy’ or ‘cool’ job to have in our culture, and I’m personally on a mission to change this perception.

As part of my mission I’ve detailed what it takes to be a great cleaner. You will notice that I mention absolutely nothing about cleaning skills; this is something that we spend time training our team to do. We are looking for the right type of people with right approach to life. If that person has experience in cleaning, we treat that as an added bonus

Here are 9 skills every great cleaner has:

One – They have fantastic attention to detail

This probably seems quite obvious but you’ll be surprised how many people don’t have the attention to detail that great cleaners have. Sometimes the places that need the attention of a cleaner aren’t always obvious. Therefore it’s not just attention that’s required, but almost a curious nature and the ability to seek out the places that need the attention of a great cleaner.

Two – They have a great work ethic

Great cleaners are the ones who have a great work ethic. They enjoy what they do, and as a result they do a great job. In fact, it wouldn’t matter what they were doing for a living, they would put in the effort and do a good job no matter what it takes.

Great cleaners love to have a productive day at work and to feel like they’ve achieved something.

Three – They take pride in their work

It’s a fact that the world revolves around people having jobs and going to work on a regular basis, and we put our mind to it we can all choose to do pretty much whatever we want. A great cleaner knows that by doing their job other people will benefit in many different ways, and they take pride in knowing that they what they do plays a role in many people’s lives.

Four – They have a positive personality

We can all have good days and bad days, but great cleaners are they type of people that are naturally happy and positive. They are the type of people that brighten up a room when they walk in, and because they work directly with their customers, they want to have a positive impact on their customer’s day too. They do all of this by using their positive personality to connect with people.

Five – They love people

Regardless of what type of job you have you will have to work with people, more so in the service industries like cleaning and hospitality. Great cleaners are successful in these types of jobs because they simply love to be around people. They are able to make friends easily and love being a part of something bigger than themselves.

Six – They have a willingness to learn & develop their skills

There’s nothing more surely in life than the fact that things will change. Great cleaners know this and are successful at what they do because they are willing to learn new skills and develop themselves. They have the ability to listen, take direction but also provide feedback and work with people to find a solution.

Seven – They don’t let people down

As you know, it takes time to build trust into a relationship. One aspect of building trust is simply doing what you said you were going to do. A great cleaner understands that there are people relying on them to do something, and they don’t want to let people down.

They are loyal to their clients, to their team members and to the company. They want to be known for their reliability and ability to follow through on what they said they were going to do, and this is what builds trust into a long lasting relationship.

Eight – They take pride in themselves

It’s not all about being loyal to other people; great cleaners also take pride in themselves. They have their own standards and they stick to what they believe in. They have high self-esteem and they feel good about themselves, which underpins everything else we’ve covered so far. What happens on the outside has everything to do with what’s going on inside.

Nine – They are self-motivated

Great cleaners don’t wait to be spoon fed information. They are self-directed and self-motivated. They know that if something needs to happen, they have to do it. They rely on themselves to make things happen and they do the work.

Great cleaners want the best experience in their life and have the desire to be part of society by contributing in their own way.

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