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As the Festive Season dawns on us, the list of things we need to do naturally grows and grows. This is especially true for anyone who is hosting Christmas at their homes and a whole other dimension of craziness is added to the mix. No matter how we try, extra things always creep up and a panic situation is part of the norm. From table decorations and presents, to hams and tress, we so easily forget the important aspects and elements that it takes to be a Christmas Super Host.

One question that so many of us forget to ask at this time of year is this: ‘How clean are my carpets and upholstery?’

Sounds a tad random right? Well it is not. Cleaning your carpets and upholstery is VITAL if you are planning on spending most of the holiday season in the comfort of your own home. Even more importantly, if you have loved ones coming to visit, you need to seriously consider whether your home is safe for them and their children. Risking their health is not an option and I will tell you why you need to make cleaning these elements of your home a top priority on your Christmas to do list.

Do you know how dirty your carpets and upholstery are?

According to Natural News, most people spend up to 90% of their time indoors, which ultimately makes you susceptible to potential diseases that may be harbored in your upholstery and carpeting. As the year creeps towards Christmas, and the weather begins to turn, the more time you and your family will spend indoors. This is potentially very harmless and natural: if you have made sure that your home is suitably clean and hazard free.

What is actually in your carpets?

Upholstery and carpets have the potential to hold many health dangers, and the severity of this depends on how old your floor and furniture covering are, as well as where you live and how often you clean these parts of your home.

Newer carpets hold erratic Volatile Organic Compounds, known more commonly as VOC’s. Examples of these compounds are toluene, benzene, formaldehyde, ethyl benzene, styrene, acetone and a host of other chemicals. Are these safe? Depends on how often you clean and maintain your carpeting.

Naturally, older carpets and upholstery offer more health hazards than new ones. Years and years of built up dirt, dust, cleaning chemical residues, paint fumes, solvents and pesticides reside in your home.  Left for too long, you are putting your whole family at risk through the very fact that they are inhaling these awful chemicals and residues on a daily basis.

How can you fix this?

The reality is this: whether new or old, your carpeting and upholstery hold risks. However, there is good news. If you find a trusted company to come and clean your carpets and upholstery, you are immediately wiping out most of the potential risk. The hardest part is making this a priority and once you have, you can make the moves towards finding a company to do the damage control for you, just in time for the Christmas Season. Make sure your loved ones are safe and phone a trusted carpet cleaning company to guarantee this.


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