How to hire the best office cleaning company ?

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If you need a new office cleaning company have a read through here to help you decide.

There are plenty of cleaning companies on the market will offer you variety of choices which you have to review according to your requirements.

Before considering the office cleaning company you wish to hire you have to determine the cleaning needs you want to receive. For example, how big is the space you want to be cleaned, how often you want the cleaning to be performed, especially how much money are you ready to spend and when do you wish the cleaning to start. Some of the companies can begin the same day you sign the contract but there are others which may need longer to recruit and train up staff.

Then you might meet with several companies to talk about the services they provide and to see what they will include in the package they offer. That’s how you will be able to compare and to choose the most suitable to your criteria cleaning services and to select the most affordable price.

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One thing you should always ask for when you choose one of the cleaning companies is do they have adequate insurance cover. If the company doesn’t have one you put yourself in serious risk because something might be damaged during the cleaning process and if the cleaning services provider isn’t insured you can’t be sure you will receive the money for the damages. Other thing you should think about is to ask for cleaning check list which includes the areas to be cleaned and the task that will be performed. You should know which of the activities are included in the price and which of them are additional and you have to pay for them more.

We advise you also to ask for references. The references are the best way to find out how quality are the company’s services, because all the good providers have enough satisfied clients which are the best way to examine the reputation of the contractor you are dealing with.

Another important factor is reliability; does the cleaning company have the infrastructure and ability to be able to cope with your cleaning requirements? Does the cleaning contractor have enough staff and managers to cover when your regular cleaners go on holiday? Can the cleaning company cope if a cleaner leaves suddenly? A one man band may offer a personalized service but what happens when they need to go on holiday themselves or an emergency comes up?

LCS Janitorial Services have full public liability and employer’s insurance and can start as soon as you make a decision; we also have invested in our infrastructure to ensure we have the right managers and staff to be able to cope with whatever cleaning requirements you have, please contact us for references or further information.

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