5 Stain Prevention Tips for Busy Household

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A busy home is a happy home, but that doesn’t always mean a happy carpet with no stains. Stain Prevention tips are important factor for all busy households. We’ve got five unbeatable tips to prevent those stains and avoid the unwanted things to be happening.

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  1. Mats are your friend

In home, a busy household has a lot of movement inside and outside. It’s inevitable that some of the outside will end up making its way into your home. The best option to keep your home clean, make the use of mats at every door leading outside. Using two mats (one inside and one outside) will minimize the dirt on the floor. Use runner for corridors and hallways for further protection.

  1. No Shoes Please

The simplest idea for stain prevention which works the best, to keep the dirt at the door considers a no shoes policy. It will keep your carpet fresher and stay longer if guests and family will take off their shoes outside the door. To make more comfortable and feel ease, you may offer slippers to the guests with no shoes policy.

  1. Vacuum, vacuum, vacuum

 Regular vacuuming not only keeps the carpet looking so great but also it requires deep cleaning with the help of Services LCS Janitorial to prevents from stains. You will not be able to see the dirt in your carpet but it will be hiding in fibers. Carpets darkening and surface dirt will be prevent using the regular vacuuming but it will be damaged by rough debris that act as a sand paper to your carpet fibers. We recommend vacuuming in high traffic areas 2-3 times a week and the whole house at least once in a week.

  1. Use a stain resistant treatment

To prevent unwanted stains, stain resistant treatment on your carpet will go for long way when spillage occurs. It is the invisible barrier to the carpet which repels liquids and prevents them from staining.

If inevitable things happen, you can use this tips for preventing the stain and it becomes permanent feature of your home.

  1. Treat spills promptly

Cleaning spills and accidents immediately is a vital to give the best possible chance to removing the spills. It is difficult to leave and deal with the spill, later may cause issues. It is more difficult to remove the substance which have chance to work its way into your carpet fibers.

A wide range of stain removal sprays and detergents are offer by LCS Janitorial Services to remove the toughest stains.  To find out more, take a look at our blogs and our Services to find the best for you.


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