True Facts About Hotel Housekeepers That Will Make You Amazed

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If you are the one who loves to travel a lot, then you exactly know the feeling of exhaustion after the travel, especially at the end of the day. We want to lay on a bed in the comfortable hotel room, order room service and go to sleep. But, how are these rooms presentable so well? How does the amazing mint get on the top of your pillow? The only answer to these questions is the hotel housekeepers.

Hotel Housekeepers Job to Maintain The Value of Your Hotel

Hotel housekeeping is an important part of maintaining the appearance and value of your hotel. Overall, it makes the guests feel comfortable to relax as if they are in their home. The basic hotel housekeeper jobs are to make sure that everything is up-to-the-mark and meets the hotel cleanliness standard. They have to take care of guest comfort and requirements when they enter the hotel or room.

The hotel housekeeping duties are much more than just changing sheets, clearing trash, replacing towels or making beds. Things that never come crossed our minds that have become the part of their everyday jobs to maintain the glory of the hotel. Therefore, we can say housekeeping in hotel management is an important part of a growing business and reputation.

What Hours Do Hotel Housekeepers Work?

Hotel housekeeping shifts are between 7 am to 4 pm. This can vary depending on the size of the hotel and the efficiency of a housekeeper, how many rooms particular hotel housekeeper can clean. It is important to have excellent time management skills and stamina to perform hotel housekeeping jobs for a hotel housekeeper.

Now, you must be thinking about hotel housekeeping salary! Hotel housekeepers get an average wage of $9.12 per hour. Again, this salary can vary depending on their experience, skill, and how big the hotel is.

Other Interesting Facts About Hotel Housekeeping Services

  • The average time to clean a full room on guest departure in a 3 to 5-star hotels is 31.5 minutes.
  • 38% of the task assigned is for the maintenance team.
  • Housekeeper accomplishes 29% of most of the tasks within the first hour of being assigned.
  • They complete 68.5% of the housekeeping jobs issued within 30 days.

Where Can I Find The Reputable Company Accomplishing Housekeeping Jobs Near Me?

Good housekeeping service is important to keep your hotel at its best. LCS Janitorial Services is a reputable company providing hotel housekeeping services in San Diego. We have a team of housekeepers helps you with all your hotel cleaning needs. To know more about our hotel housekeepers and their duties, contact us at 619-488-7434.


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