7 Steps On How to Clean a Hotel Room in 20 minutes

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In the hospitality industry creating a comfortable atmosphere for your visitors and patrons is very important. In this, the well-trained and certified staff of hotel housekeepers plays a major role. If you are a new and among those hotel housekeeping staff, then it is important for you to know how to clean a hotel room in 20 minutes.

Cleaning a hotel room in 20 minutes is just a way of ensuring that housekeepers with proper training and equipment can achieve anything. If there was a competition of cleaning rooms in minimum time, then without any doubt housekeepers would hold the title. Let us observe this guide on how to clean a hotel room in 20 minutes. It will help you as a new beginner in the hotel industry to perform well.

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Steps To Clean a Hotel Room in 20 minutes

  1. When entering a hotel room, always start with the cleaning process by stripping the bed sheets. This will help you use the dirty sheet as a container to collect all the other items together which need to be washed.
  1. Check the bed properly in case of any damage signs or stains. Make the bed considering the hotel regulations. Also, ensure that all sheets, covers, and pillows are completely checked for stains and hairs.
  1.  Remove the dirty linen and rubbish from the room. This will create some space. Make sure to check all the surfaces including drawers for waste materials.  
  1. Dust the room well from furniture to the bottom of every chair. Don’t forget lampshades, windows sills and hanging wall piece.
  1. Mop all the hard surfaces using color co-ordinated cleaning systems to prevent cross contamination. Sanitize mostly used items such as the remote control, light switches, door handles or telephones.
  1.  Ensure all the items are placed properly which is provided by the hotel. This includes doing not disturb signs, tea/coffee facilities, laundry bags, notebooks, and guest guides.
  1. Check all the curtains, pillows, and throws are in its best condition. In the end, vacuum checks the carpet for any stains. This way you can remove any spots from food or drink. Leave the room with a pleasant fragrance and at a balanced temperature.cleaning-hotel-room_23-2148095339

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The Takeaway

Following these steps will help you as a beginner housekeeper in the hospitality industry to excel. If you want to know more about your role as a hotel room attendant, then LCS Janitorial Services is your ultimate source. We will help you with all the needed information on housekeeping services. For more information about hotel housekeeping services in San Diego, contact us at (619) 796-9172. Also, follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn for more updates and offers.


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