What is Housekeeping (Housemaking) and House Cleaning

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Do you know the difference between housekeeping and house cleaning?

Let me first clear that housekeeping and house cleaning are totally different procedures. Housekeeping is a procedure which is considered by two different terms. Housekeeping is also known as homemaking.

Let’s see the main difference between the rest two.

Housekeeping / Homemaking

Housekeeping can be broken down to make it easy to understand for you. Housekeeping includes everything from wiping off counters and floors, dusting and cleaning the bathroom to doing laundry, arranging cupboards and drawers, planning meals and changing beds. Making a survival place for the inhabitants.

House Cleaning

It is just all about cleaning the house. It is task-related and includes, but may not be limited to:

  • Dusting: dusting from the baseboards to ceiling fans, over doors and everything in between like dressing tables, window sills and ledges, bookshelves, tables, and their tables legs and many more home asset.
  • Cleaning bathrooms: Counters, window ledges, mirror, tubs, toilets, floor, shelves, window ledges, mirror and many more.
  • Vacuum your rugs and carpets
  • Mop your tile and wood floor using the best and appropriate cleaners
  • Make sure you dust high corners and over art piece and tops of curtains
  • Moving large furnishing as appropriate to dust and vacuum behind them
  • Bringing and using all the supplies and equipment’s
  • Being confident of indoor air quality by using Eco-friendly products.
  • Whipping off the prints of cats and dogs and also your children fingerprints.

Hiring a house cleaning service is the best way to extend the time for your own personal and family space. Life, job responsibilities and recreational opportunities, all which contribute to a healthy, well-balanced lifestyle. Professional house cleaners can manage your home very easily, due to their experience and way of working. Outsourcing the house cleaning job is a great idea as you can spend a good time with your family or you can enjoy my time. In which you can get relaxed doing your hobbies such as reading, listening to music, drawing and many more.

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