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Make Your Guest Feel At Home With Our Hotel Room Attendant Services

When it comes to the hotel business cleanliness, safety, and security are the most important things the owner need to consider. This is vital because hotel guest usually expects their rooms to be even cleaner than their own homes. That’s where LCS Janitorial Services come in: We offer the best hotel room attendant services in San Diego. The guest will always see the hotel rooms as a home away from home. Moreover, hiring a hotel room attendant service is very important to keep customers coming back.

At LCS Janitorial Services, we understand that first impressions are very crucial and the presentation of your hotel reception area and hotel rooms is extremely important to your customers and your reputation as a hotelier.

Room attendants are considered one of the best-known positions in the hotel industry. The reason is they are responsible for maintaining a good reputation by providing high-quality service at the hotel. Eventually, our hotel room attendant will ensure a pleasant and comfortable experience for your guests during their stay at your hotel. Here are the responsibilities our hotel room attendant can perform maintaining the high quality of services.

Responsibilities Our Hotel Room Attendant Can Perform:

• Changing of the bed linen and bed making
• Replacement of the used towels
• Sweeping and mopping floors
• Vacuuming carpets
• Furniture dusting
• Replenish bath care products
• Cleaning of public areas (corridors)
• Report any technical issues and maintenance needs

LCS Janitorial Staff understands that a hotel is dynamic, with clients arriving and departing at every hour of the day. We assure you our team will leave your customer with a positive and pleasant hotel experience. Our hotel room attendant group will strive hard to maintain your hotel reputation by providing quality services.

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Our supervisors perform regular inspections and review those inspections with employees who work in the building for quality control.

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