Bacterial Contamination in Schools And Gyms in San Diego

Like any other environment that is open to the public, schools can be a breeding ground for bacteria and germs. Illness can spread quickly across a school population if hygiene and general maintenance are neglected. Systematic cleaning of the school gym, cafeteria, washrooms, water fountains, desks, library, and other common areas such as school computer keyboards and entryways, can greatly inhibit the spread of viruses and other contaminants. 80% of germs are transmitted through casual contact with an unsanitary surface such as a table, doorknob or other easily accessible object.

Janitorial Services for Gyms, School and Recreational Areas

Gyms, school and fitness facilities require thorough cleaning. LCS Janitorial Services utilizes non-toxic and hypo-allergenic products that are effective without producing adverse health reactions in students and staff.

Experienced cleaning services are provided for:

• Daycares
• Preschools
• Colleges
• Universities
• Childcare centers
• Any educational facility in San Diego

Gym, School janitorial services checklist:

• Dusting, wiping and disinfecting all equipment
• Floor washing and maintenance
• Bathroom disinfecting
• Odor removal
• Wash and clean entrance
• Shower cleaning and sanitization
• Mold and mildew removal

The LCS Janitorial Services Cleaning Advantage:

• Modern and safe sanitization equipment
• Reasonable rates for educational institutions in the San Diego area
• Licensed, insured and bonded cleaning technicians

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