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It’s great to have a personal gym. You can workout in the privacy with the comfort of your own house. You do not need to wait for your turn while working out. If you go to a public gym, you need to wait if someone else uses the equipment. So, sometimes it becomes annoying because it breaks the momentum. Anyone who uses their home gym on a regular basis knows that your equipment can get pretty gross, very fast. Follow these tips to clean home gym and keep it germ free.

Wipe down weight machine and equipments after every use

Always remember that you wipe down your equipments after every time you use it, to stop the spread of germs and bacteria. While many public gyms have a rule about doing this, many people tend to skip this step in their home. You can use antibacterial, pre-moistened wipes for your quick rubdown.

Clean your treadmill

Use a dry, clean cloth to wipe away sweat that you may have left behind on the deck and handrails and also any that may have dripped down onto the treadmill conveyor belt. Additionally, once a week grab a damp, clean cloth to remove dust and dirt from the electronic display, and vacuum or sweep the floor below and around the machine. Make sure you only use water to clean, because bleach, soap, and furniture polish can damage the equipment.

Clean weights and accessories of the gym

When it is about cleaning free weight, stability balls, or suspension trainers there is really not that much to do. Use antibacterial solvent and scrub off with a microfiber cloth or paper towel. You can take up this task every weekend or when you feel the weights are looking grimy.

Mat cleaning

Majority of people really ignore their mats when it comes to clean their equipment. Then on the day of pushups, they get down and realize that the mat is nasty. Due to sweat, dirt, and other moisture, your mats can end up smelling very bad and it can also get moldy if not cleaned regularly.

If your mat has fabric like structure, check if it is safe to wash in washing machine. If it is more of a rubber material just scrub it using a sponge and warm water. You can also have the mats that provides antimicrobial product protection to help prevent the growth of odor-causing bacteria on your mat.

Keep the fresh air in

Majority of public gyms have the luxury of giants fans, HVAC, and the inflow and outflow of crowd constantly letting the fresh air come in through doors. Your home gym, however, probably will not end up smelling so fresh when you finish with sweating up a storm.

Make sure you use an air freshener or an essential oil diffuser. You can also apply rubberized interlocking flooring for your home gym that feature antimicrobial product protection. It is very easy to install and maintain.

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