Why Green Cleaning is the Best Cleaning Method

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In this hectic world, people are working day and night to fulfill their dreams. So they do not give enough time to their family and house. So for them, it’s easy to float towards those latest products that guarantee with annoying chores even easier.

Whether you clean your home by yourself with these products all day or someone who cleans your home regularly, you should at least take the time to look at the product if it is good for your home before you clean your house with them. Most of the products are made up of harsh chemicals, which could be injurious to humans and animals.

Green cleaning is one of the best services to keep your home clean and hygienic. Green cleaning is a cleaning solution that works as a safeguard of your health without harming the environment. LCS janitorial provides services in their budget which gives them a jumping point to Green cleaning. Testimony shows that green cleaning brands offer a number of advantages to increase your quality of life.

Here are five simple reasons why you should use green cleaning products:

1. Healthy Home:

Results show that using chemical house cleaning spray can risk your life. It increases the risk of asthma. Asthma is the most common deep-rooted illness and the most school children are easily getting affected by this. If you opt Green cleaning, it has lots of advantages for you as well as for your home. There would be chemical free products that won’t harm you and your family members.

2. Pure Air Quality:  

The Environmental Protection Agency has stated that issues related to bad air quality lead to development in illness and respiration health issues. Many people spend lots of money on the room fresheners and room air purifiers, although air purifier can filter the dust particles and chemicals but only in the general area around the purifier. Instead of this, they can spend on green cleaning which will give them better lifestyles in low budget. If you breath fresh then you stay healthy.

3. Say No to Antibacterial Products:

U.S. Food and Drug Administration says that using antibacterial is not good for washing,  better than preferring a regular soap for cleaning. American Medical Association also says that using an antibacterial product can promote bacterial resistance to antibiotics. Triclosan is the most popular and mostly used antibacterial agent in soaps. AMA says daily usage of antibacterial products can trigger problems on thyroid glands and in the hormonal system in future.

4.  Safe Products: Green cleaning products are generally noncorrosive and are subject to strict standards under the FDA. Fire exposure reduces risk if green cleaning products are used.

5. Hygenic Environment:

People keep on changing cleaning products that are not good for your home. The chemicals in it can affect your health and environment of your house. Using Green cleaning product can give you great results. It helps to reduce pollution through waterways and reduces the effect of chemicals blown into the air. Green products packaging are done in recyclable packs which reduce the waste.

LCS Janitorial Services provides Green Cleaning service in San Diego region. We use Highly effective green cleaning products and methods and our staff is specially trained for this job, so no need to worry because your house is in safe hands.

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