Know The Top 3 Myths About Green Cleaning Services

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When it comes to green cleaning services, there are lost of misconceptions. Most of the people think that these products are not as effective as the toxic cleaning products. Though this myth is ubiquitous, it is actually not true! Non-toxic and green cleaning products are good and effective cleaners – in fact, high-quality green products are just as effective as their conventional counterparts.

Green Cleaning Products: Myths and Facts

Green cleaning goods and environmental sustainability is continuing to be a hot topic in both office and homes, hence it’s essential to know the facts – and be able to recognize the myths!

Here are the top 3 myths about green cleaning services. Let’s get started.

MYTH: Green Cleaning services are not as effective as traditional services.

FACT: Usually, green cleaning services are as effective as the traditional cleaning services that use harsh chemicals. Certainly, non-toxic and green cleaning products simply do not contain some fast-acting chemicals found in traditional cleaning. That’s the reason you may need to use a bit more, or leave the product to soak a long time.

However, there are many people who are willing to spend a few extra minutes cleaning if it means reduced exposure to chemicals! If you are worried about the effectiveness of green cleaning products, you can also check if the products have the ECO-Friendly logo or a green seal certification. This certification helps to ensure the effectiveness of cleaners. At LCS, we use the certified and highest quality green cleaning products.

MYTH: Green Cleaning Products Are Not Really Safer to Use.

FACT: The reality is, some green cleaning products consist of chemicals and are not non-toxic. There was a trend if you remember called “greenwashing” – marketing products to appear ECO-friendly or chemical-free when that is just not the case. However, actual green cleaning services and products are much safer to use. Moreover, they pose less of a risk or no risk to human, animals, and the environment and are safer to use.

It is still important to remember that safer to use doesn’t necessarily mean ‘safe to ingest!’ Green cleaning solutions can still cause side effects if not used properly. It is crucial to take all important precautions when storing and using products, especially when children and pets are around.

MYTH: Ammonia is a Natural Cleaner

FACT: When it comes to cleaning office or home, ammonia is the most common cleaning agent at both places. Actually, ammonia is a compound of nitrogen and hydrogen, so technically, ammonia is a natural product. It is natural in the sense that it is a chemical found in nature. But ammonia is a good reminder that natural does not always equal “chemical free!” and in the case of ammonia, “natural” is not always better.

To make it simple, ammonia can be considered as natural but it is not a green cleaning product. Ammonia is a harsh chemical that is known for its strong and pungent smell. Often, the smell alone can trigger health issues to sensitive people. Exposure to high levels of ammonia can cause issues such as a burning sensation in eyes, nose, throat, and respiratory systems. High level of exposure can cause even cause lung damage, blindness, and death.

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