It’s High-Time To Keep Your Environment Clean and Green 

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keep environment clean and green

Despite the rapid progress report, air quality in the United States has reduced over the past few years according to the data provided by the Environmental Protection Agency. The reason behind unhealthy air quality may be related to increasing wildfires, a hot climate, and human consumption patterns. 

Among all the one major reason can be our habit of using chemicals products in day-to-day lives. From cleaning carpet, hardwood floors to upholstery and much more in our residential and commercial buildings, we are habitual of using toxic solutions. 

As a result, various pollutants like soot, smoke, mold, pollen, methane, and carbon dioxide get mixed with air. However, a severe impact is seen in the climate. The best negative effect of these chemicals or green gases exposure in the environment is global warming. 

global warming

The Worldwide Health Hazard 

Unhealthy and poor air quality can be risky to people. According to the report by the World Health Organization, bad outdoor air caused approximately 4.2 million premature deaths in 2016. Indoor smoke or chemical consumption is dangerous to 2.9 million people who use biomass, kerosene, and coal for cooking in their homes. 

In the end, it causes various health issues such as cancer, heart disease, stroke, or asthma. Also, as per the American Lung Association, in the U.S on average 133.9 million people i.e., 41% of the pollution are at risk of causing diseases and premature deaths because of air pollution. 

Wake Up! The World Needs Your Commitment To Healthy Environment! 

An initial step to keep your environment clean and green are to stop using chemical cleaning products or reduce the exposure of toxic in outdoor air. You can begin by hiring green cleaning services. Whether you need to restore the beauty of homes or businesses, a green cleaning company can be your partner to purify air quality. 

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One of the leading green cleaning companies is LCS Janitorial Services. No matter if you have a tight budget or specific cleaning requirements, we help you with all your specifications. All our cleaning products are non-toxic and effective in eliminating any kind of stain or pollutants. 

Overall, to keep your environment clean and green is more than a duty. If you have the same thoughts, then contact at (619) 488-7434 and be a helping hand towards a healthy environment. 

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