The Business of Commercial Window Cleaning

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Your business premises are the face of your company, so it’s important that they look good. A major part of this is keeping your windows clean and maintained, and for most businesses that means employing a commercial cleaning service on a regular basis.

Why use an outside firm?

Many firms employ care-taking or janitorial staff, so why would they need a window cleaning service? In practice, commercial buildings often have particular needs when it comes to their windows and other glass surfaces. Many buildings are shared buildings, with different companies on different floors, but with a shared façade. You may have an atrium in your building. Your building may be fully glass fronted and you may also want your internal glazing or your conservatory to be spotlessly cleaned.

This kind of cleaning requires extensive training and specialist equipment. It takes an experienced team to keep your premises looking professional, and that is exactly what a commercial cleaning service will offer.

Fully trained and properly equipped

It’s actually not advisable to use a ladder, mop and bucket to clean windows higher than two storeys. This is a sensible limit. If your building is higher than this, then you’ll need specialist equipment to reach the windows, as well as to clean them. A commercial cleaning service will have a variety of ways in which to reach those windows, and will know which method is the most appropriate for your job.

There are a number of options: hydraulic lifts and cradles can be used to reach beyond two storeys, as can water-fed poles. For the braver service providers, there are even rope access and abseiling techniques to consider!

Every window cleaning job is important, no matter what size, and should be undertaken by properly trained professionals who, like LCS Commercial Cleaning Services, have an exemplary Health and Safety record.


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