Commercial Carpet Cleaning Tips

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It is fact that clean carpets bring extra beauty to your floors which can create a good environment for everyone. Besides that, what if your carpet has stains on it? Does it look beautiful and shiny? The answer is “No”. Dirt and germs are the major cause of spoiling the quality of your office carpet. It also reduces the cleanliness level in the office. Therefore, Here are 5 advice from our experts to enhance your commercial carpet cleaning program:

Tip 1: Do you know the difference between stains and spots?

The only difference between a spot and stain is “Time”. You must be confused! Right? It is vital to take immediate steps to blot the affected area with a paper towel to absorb as much of the spill as possible and make a note for your cleaning staff. if the stain is overlooked or ignored it turns into a tough stain.

Tip 2: Spray cleaning solution prior to the spills before blotting to remove spots

If it is not done properly, carpet cleaning chemicals can leave behind the residue that actually collects more dirt, leaving carpet dingy over time. Usually, the chemical is properly diluted than it can easily break down the sticky stains, oils stains and rinse clean from the carpet should be used for spotting. alike tip 1, time makes a huge difference. Allow the pre-spray to seep into the spot for a couple of minutes to work more effectively.

Tip 3: Opt the ideal tools and equipment for the job

Regular cleaning, such as vacuuming with high-quality equipment, can vastly reduce your need for deep cleaning. look for backpacks vacuum and properly dated filters. Proper execution of deep carpet extraction cleaning is essential to keep carpet dry, preventing mold growth.

Tip: 4: Pre-vacuum before cleaning to remove dry soil from the carpet

Make sure you vacuum carpet areas daily. Dirt is easily eliminated if treated in a timely fashion, but once dirt gets wet it will penetrate deep into the carpet fibers. Pre-vacuuming allows regularly deep cleaning through extraction to work more effectively and can improve crew productivity as well.

Tip 5: Train your team on how to effectively clean carpets

Make sure your team does not learn to clean the carpet on your carpet. Ask them to learn first – then clean. The easiest and best way to make sure your carpet lasts is to establish a maintenance plan with properly trained cleaners. Call LCS Janitorial Services so we can schedule a cleaning for your carpet. We have years of the experience for commercial carpet cleaning in San Diego and nearby areas.

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