How can carpet stain removal done at home quickly?

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What you do when you have to deal with a stain? If you rub it with a cloth, it is a very common mistake done by everyone in the society. It is advice from many professional cleaners, avoid rubbing stains. It is the worst thing you can do because it will embed the dirt deeper into the carpet.  It is a very common mistake done by people because they get instant reactions to save their carpet. We would suggest the first thing you should do is to blot the spill with an absorbent paper towel, applying gentle pressure.

Always keep these things at home, it good for stain removals:

Club soda: Very useful for removing beer and wine stains.

Distilled vinegar: A solution of vinegar and water will help you clean juice stains.

Dishwashing liquid: You can also use dishwashing liquid with hot water for instant cleaning after the stain.

Ammonia: Very useful to clean a variety of stains and amazing thing about it is very cheap and easily available in the market.

Wet wipes: Use them to blot light stains on your carpet.

Using these listed products you can make a quick DIY to clean your carpet.

It becomes very difficult to clean when wine spills on the carpet, there are some ways to clean the stain. In fact, according to google records the most frequent asked question is “How to remove wine stains from carpet?”

Let us see some steps that you can follow quickly at the time of spillage:

This process is very effective, and it will remove the worst stain without causing any damage to your carpet.

  1. Using a white towel or kitchen roll blot the stain as much as possible, press it on with your weight.
  2. Then check the towel and carpet that the stain has been transferred to the towel, and then do the same process again with a new towel or kitchen roll. Make sure never rub the stain.
  3. Once no more color is being transferred, use a clean towel with a small amount of water and continue pressing the stain for few minutes.
  4. Now place another clean dry towel over the stain and weigh it down with something reasonably heavy for several hours.
  5. Assess the stain and if any color remains, call a professional carpet cleaner.

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