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A clean carpet looks great and feels warm and cozy under the foot. However, without appropriate care, it can easily become worn and damaged. Regular vacuuming only removes some of the dust and carpet attract more dirt that cannot be seen with a naked eye. Therefore, you might be thinking how to clean your carpet with the help of professionals. With our carpet cleaning tips, you can keep it in top condition and tackle the toughest of stains without spending a huge amount on carpet cleaning service.

What you should know before cleaning the carpet

It is very important to treat the stain as fast as possible, ideally while it is still fresh. However, keep in mind never try to rub the stain away. This will just spread the mess on the carpet. Start from outer part of the stain and work towards the center.

Pouring mineral waters onto a fresh stain and soaking it up with a towel can work wonders. If this does not work, you need to use something stronger. A good quality foam carpet cleaner is very effective for tackling tough stains. While quality foam cleaner can be expensive, but it will be definitely cheaper than approaching a professional carpet cleaner. Always follow the instruction provided by the manufacturer.

Plan enough time to clean your carpets, as cleaning products may take some time to soak into the carpet. You will need to let whoever you live with know which rooms are off-limits while you clean the carpet.

Whatever product you are using, always start with an inconspicuous area (under the sofa for example) to make sure the cleaning product does not fade or damage the material.

Carpet cleaning home remedies – what works well?

Home remedies can be an ideal way to tackle tough stain on the carpet. They are very cheap and instant solutions that are readily available in most households. They are chemical free and they will never harm the environment like some cleaning products. In addition, if grandma’s carpet were cleaned with salt or baking soda, then surely it is good enough for your carpets!

Baking powder

Carpet Cleaning DIY Home Hacks

Baking powder is an ideal natural cleaning solution for all type of dirt and stains. It even neutralizes bad odors. Sprinkle the powder on the stains then slowly pour hot water over the infected areas. Leave the mixture for few hours or overnight, and then dab it carefully. If the stain remains, repeat the process. You can add little vinegar to the water. However, this is only suitable for bright carpet, as vinegar has a bleaching effect.


Carpet Cleaning DIY Home Hacks

Salt is considered as the ultimate remedy for wine stains. Apply salt to the red wine immediately and leave it to stand. As the salt turns reddish in color, soak up the salt and repeat this steps until the stain has gone. Again, start from the outer edges of the stain, to inside. Otherwise the stain will continue to spread and will create a bigger mess. If the wine has already dried up, try a solution of white wine, mineral water and vinegar. Do a pretest on the hidden area of the carpet to check its color-fastness.

Lemon Juice

Carpet Cleaning DIY Home Hacks

Simply using lemon juice on the stain to remove it. Then wiping with a cloth can make a dirty carpet clean again. For particularly stubborn stains, mix lemon juice with equal parts water and washing detergent. Like vinegar, lemon juice has bleaching qualities, so should only be applied to bright carpets.

Home remedies do a great job at beating the individual stains when they arise, a steam cleaning by a professional is a wise investment, as it give a thorough clean. LCS Janitorial Services provide the best carpet cleaning service in San Diego. Our experts recommend steam cleaning once every six months, but it make require more often if you have pets at home. We hope you find our carpet cleaning tips useful.

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