4 Tips That Will Keep Your Carpet Fresh and Healthy

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If your dream house has a wall to wall fitted carpet then you might spend a huge amount during the installation of the carpet. As you give extra care to your huge investment such as your car and house. Carpet also falls under one of the major investment, it makes sense to care and protect it in order to retain its beauty and appearance, actually, it is your responsibility. It gives a warm and cozy feeling to your room.

We have shared 4 essential steps to take in order to prolong the carpet life.

The best and only cost-effective way – Vacuum

You need to understand that the significant part of carpet care is regular vacuuming. To prolong your carpets life you need to vacuum it alternative days or else at least once a week. Vacuuming removes the gritty particles that get carried in on the bottom of shoes. It prevents it from settling within the fibers.   

Did you ever think that why carpet goes flat? It is just because of the dirt and grit get trodden in by foot traffic and this damage the fibers, causing them to be sliced. But regular vacuuming can help to remove pet hair, particles of sand, small bugs, and flakes of skin that sink to the bottom of your carpet. You most probably weren’t aware but your carpet act as a filter. Which restricts (attracts) the dust in the fiber.

Clean up spillage immediately

Spillage accidents are very common but it is vital that it’s cleaned up immediately. Ignoring or overlooking the spot or stains to sit will become permanent and are tough to eliminate. Try to eliminate stain using clean cold water. As we also told in our previous blogs and saying it again that never rub the stain as this will spread the stain. Always blot the stain using a clean white cloth. Being from the outer area of the stain and move inside. If it is the case of pet accident it is better you call a professional such as LCS Janitorial Service.

Approach a professional carpet cleaning company

There are many people in the crowd who don’t realize the significance of hiring a professional. They need to understand professionals are specially trained to deal with such kind of task. Professional cleaners can give the best clean ever. Our cleaners use hot water extraction method to deal with stains. It is also called steam cleaning. It is advisable from the experts to have hot water extraction once a year to prolong the life of the carpet.

If you think your carpet needs a professional clean, call LCS Janitorial Service. We provide carpet cleaning in San Diego and nearby areas. We are the best carpet cleaning service provider in San Diego and nearby areas. Call us at 619-796-9172


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