4 Steps That Can Help You To Keep Your Carpet Clean and Healthy

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If your home has wall to wall carpeting then you’ll know that it probably made a huge expense when you had it installed. As it is a large investment, it makes sense to care and protect it in order to maintain its beautiful appearance and the warm, cozy feeling that it lends to your home.

Here we have shared 4 crucial steps to be followed in order to improve the longevity of your carpet.

Vacuum, vacuum, vacuum

YES! The most essential part of carpet care is to vacuum it frequently as much as possible. Once a day if possible, if that is not possible, then at least once a week is the must.

Vacuuming eliminates the gritty particles that get stuck in the soles of the shoes and enter the property. Regular vacuuming prevents it from settling deep into the fibers. If you’ve ever wondered why a carpet goes flat, the reason is the dirt and grit get trodden in by foot traffic and this ruins the fibers, causing them to be sliced or cut. Regular vacuuming also helps remove the pet hairs, particles of sand, small bugs, and flakes of skin that sink to the bottom of your carpet. You might not be aware but your carpet acts like a filter collecting all the unwanted particles floating around the air.

Clean up spillages immediately

No one has control over spill or pet accidents. It doesn’t matter how much care do you take, accidents will occur but when they occur the most important thing is that it should be cleaned immediately. Leaving the spot or stain to sit will become permanent and are very difficult or even impossible to remove. Try to eliminate spills and stains using clean cold water. Firstly, make sure you never rub the stain as this will spread it. Rather, blot using a white paper towel or cloth. In the event of pet ‘accidents’, it’s best to call out the professionals. We have the essential chemicals and cleaning techniques to rid you of the smell.

Approach a professional carpet cleaner

Most of them are unaware of the importance of hiring a professional, certified, and competent cleaner to give their carpet a clean. Most carpet manufacturers recommend hot water extraction and recommend to clean their carpet at least once a year. If you wait until your carpet looks dirty, then you’ve left it too long!

Re-apply carpet protector after cleaning

Most of the carpets are pre-treated using a protective coating that offers protection against stains. Over time, due to chemicals used in cleaning or through general wear and tear, the protective coating wears off. This will cause your carpet to become more susceptible to permanent stains. Ask your carpet cleaner if they can apply a protective coating for you. It may cost, but it’s money well spent in our opinion..

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