You’ve just spilt red cordial on your carpet … What to do?

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When kids are around, cordial spills often happen and we all know how hard the food coloring stain from cordial is to remove!

The food coloring in cordial is a permanent dye that is very effective at re-dying your carpet, creating a permanent stain. So if this happens, what can be done? On wool and nylon carpets, a cordial spill will often leave a stain even if it is treated straight away. Our initial aim is to reduce the extent of the stain as much as possible. Not only will this minimize the immediate visual impact but it will give your carpet cleaning technician the best possible chance of removing the stain at a later stage.

Like any spill, the first step is always to soak up as much of the spill as possible. This is especially important with a cordial spill because the stain tends to become permanent as soon as the cordial dries.

Step 1: Place a towel or sponge on the spill with mild downward pressure. Repeat this process until there is no further transfer of the spilt liquid from the carpet to the towel or sponge.

Step 2: Sponge the area with cold water and blot dry with a clean cloth. We recommend placing an old towel on the stain folded over at least 2 layers thick and standing on the stain. This will enable you to remove as much of the spill as possible.

Step 3: Treat the stain with any chemicals that can help on Spot and Stain remover following the instructions on the bottle. If the spill hasn’t dried, this product will help you remove as much of the spill as possible. If you do not have any chemicals remover, then treat then sponge a mild detergent solution of 1 liter of warm water and a teaspoon of dish washing detergent onto the stain and blot off with a towel. Repeat this process with fresh water.

It is likely a faint stain will remain. In this case, your LCS Janitorial Services technician can use an oxidizing process under heat to release most of the stain from the carpet. The process used is a controlled bleaching process achieved by adding oxygen to the stain under heat. It is a slow but effective process.

Note: It is likely that a faint stain will remain when treating red cordial stains, hence the more you can remove when the stain occurs, the better the final result.

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